Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Happiness Is All We Want by Ashutosh Mishra

I rarely finish self-help book. Last self-help I finished was "Open-Eyed Meditation" by Shubha Vilas, and I loved it. "Happiness Is All We Want" by Ashutosh Mishra has touched the same level. Not only I liked the book, I started implementing few of the guidelines given in books.

Book blurb
Today, we are leading our lives in mindless pursuit, unable even to articulate what we are pursuing. We are unhappy even after achieving what we desire. Happiness is all we want! suggests that the source of peace and happiness is within us, if we know the secret. the book’s objective is to help us unlock that secret and attain a high level of overall well-being in order to lead a happy and fulfilling life and be the healthiest we can be, mentally and physically. A wide variety of tools and techniques are explained in simple language. Many real life experiences of the author as well as other people are interspersed through the book. Demystifying the spiritual aspect of wellbeing, this book integrates it with your life objectives. You can immensely improve not only the peace and happiness in your life but your beauty and appearance as well.
Talking about book pattern, Ashutosh has divided book into three parts:
  1. Mental Wellbeing
  2. Physical Wellbeing
  3. Spiritual Wellbeing
Each section starts with what is wrong with that state in our life, why we need to work on it. Once need of wellbeing explained, he takes you through various exercises or steps one should take to increase your overall happiness. The author knew the main problem about self-help book, no matter how hard you try, you end up writing boring literature if you forget to add examples and tips. Ashutosh has wonderfully placed following pointers in book to keep readers glued
  1. Wakeup Story - As the name suggested, these stories looks so familiar with our story or some of our near-dear ones. But scariest part would be problem arises to each individual, due to lack of attention.
  2. Happiness Moment - These stories compensate wake-up stories and tell readers benefits of various recommendations by the author.
  3. Tech Traps - These segments were specially given for modernized people who are so engrossed in their tech-gadget world that normal word seems distant to them. 
  4. Smart Well-being Capsule (SWC) - Actual steps that one should take for his or her wellbeing.
  5. Practical Tips - Tips for most of the advises and how to follow them without losing direction
Few positive things that I liked about book
  • The author has kept theories at minimum possible level. All those low tempo points were supported by above mentioned one of five segments.
  • Being an individual and following his own regime, Ashutosh knew his limit. At many points, he recommended expert advice to follow specific task.
Only things that I disliked was font size, it was straining eyes at some points. Author and publisher can look into this for next edition.

Talking about ratings:
  1. Cover - 3.5 / 5 (Could be better)
  2. Concept - 4 / 5
  3. Content - 4 / 5
  4. Overall - 4 / 5
Book can be found at - Amazon & Flipkart
Review from other readers can be found at GoodReads


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