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The Fragrance of Rose - Beauty, Dignity, Ambition

I had snatched this book from my hubby the moment he brought this copy at home. I like to read women-centric stories. "The Fragrance of Rose - Beauty, Dignity, and Ambition" by Chirajit Paul won my heart the moment I saw the book cover. And blurb confirmed my liking. I started book same day and it was able to match my expectations.

Book Blurb
Rinita Bose is an ordinary middle class girl with extraordinary beauty and unmatched aspirations. While chasing her dreams, she comes face to face with harsh realities. That's how she learns the valuable lesson – what most men really want. In a twist of fate, she picks up enmity with a powerful man and flees the city. She switches careers and hides her identity behind the garb of Rose to make a place in Bollywood. She earns money, fame, adulation and success. But love eludes her. She witnesses the darkness of life in a drunkard father, a lecherous boss, a scheming producer and a friend who wants to take advantage. But then there are those that she can rely on in the worst of situations, her friends from childhood who stand by her through thick and thin. Those who don't judge her; just love her unconditionally. Will Rinita be able to find the love she craves for? Or will she be mercilessly crushed for The Fragrance of Rose.
Story From My Point of View
The fragrance of Rose is a story of Rinita Bose an extraordinary beauty whose life turned out miserable. Her life taught her one of the shrewd and dark aspects about men driven society. Having a beautiful body had its own toll in her life, and men she met in her life wanted only one thing from her which is her body. Eventually, she ended sharing her bed with different men for her means.
The book consists of three part: the first part is about Chaitali Mukherjee and Sovik Halder, which includes Rinita's struggling period at RTC and, ups-and-downs of her life. The second part consists of Priyanshu Agarwal and Hemant Thapa where she worked as Junior Labor Officer at Wellington Tea Estate, Darjeeling. And the third part consists of Shahid Khan, Abhishek Chatterjee and Mahesh Jha where she worked as struggling actor.

A small town girl Rinita Bose from Phoolbari comes to Calcutta for a job. She stayed with Chaitali. Chaitali was working at RTC as a news reader. Her mentally challenged friend Mahesh also worked there. Somehow Rinita succeeded replacing Chaitali at RTC. But for that, she paid the price of virginity with her boss Arindam. She also got pregnant during this relationship. She was forced to go for abortion by Arindam. After this loss and multiple threats from Arindam, Rinita had nothing left for her in Calcutta so she took a new job at Wellington tea estate, Darjeeling. She worked there as Junior Labor Officer. Same story repeated once again and a compromise was the solution for her. She once again did it for the job. During this time, she met with Priyanshu and fell in love with him. But her days of happiness didn't last long. She had to leave Darjeeling and job too. Then she moved to Mumbai and a struggling actor. Her body came to her rescue, and in that disgusting work of body selling, she had dreadful experience nearer to death. Will she able to survive or not? And if she survives, will she ever put end to body selling for some or other motive? Will she able to find her true love? For all this question please take a look at the novel.

My take from the book
The book falls under adult or erotica genre due to its content. But that is justifiable considering storyline and its maturity. Chirajit has properly created all main characters as per their importance. Personally, I found novel interesting. Rinita Bose as a loner lady sustained enough. She achieved respect and dignity throughout of the story. Courage was Rinita’s biggest asset. After each shocking event she survived, she emerged as a stronger lady. It is a nice story with a nice message. If there are bad people who made you suffer, there are good people too. And someday whoever does bad to you will surely repent for their misdeed.

Though the story was able to touch reader’s heart, somewhere in between phases it lost its charm and become slow. But towards the end it got is charm back and made me go with the flow. Language and pace are also smooth and fast. Readers can finish the book in few sittings. Talking about rating:
  1. Cover Page : 4/5
  2. Characters: 4/5
  3. Storyline : 3/5
  4. Content: 3/5
  5. Overall: 4/5
Book can be found at Amazon & Flipkart
Reviews from other readers can be found at Goodreads


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