Sunday, October 28, 2018

Ghost-writer of Jack Dawkins - Terry Ward

Yes, this is me, the author, or should I say, ghost-writer of Jack Dawkins.  I stayed in with him last night!

I’ve had another visit from the Artful Dodger.  You will probably know from watching my YouTube video The Artful Dodger returns-that he has already helped me to promote his life story..

He didn’t stay long, last night.  With a copy of Johnson’s Dictionary tucked under his arm, he simply wanted to know ‘how it was going.’  He made some very astute comments after I told him that it was early days, yet.  He said, ‘The trouble is, there’s no fantasy in it; nor no vampires, and such.  That’s the sort of thing that gets read these days; that, and the unmentionable stuff.  How many shades of grey were there?  Do you know something else, Mr Ward, sir?  People don’t realise how much pleasure they are going to get from reading Jack Dawkins until they start doing it.  At the end, they wonder how I managed to survive it all, but then, so did I at the time.’ ’

After telling me that he had to go because there was a lot to do ‘up there’ before Christmas, Jack simply vanished.  I have a feeling he’ll be back, though.

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