Saturday, October 6, 2018

Poetry Book Review - Her Name is Imagination

A cover which reminded me of “The Fault In Our Stars” and a colophon which gives  some insight of the young poet and the timeline of when he wrote these poems; but nothing grabbed my eyes more than the excellent choice of title, “Her Name is Imagination”. 

Book Blurb
Her Name is Imagination is a collection of well-crafted poems, written by a sixteen year old. Written during a difficult period of the author’s life, this book throws the reader into a gamut of emotions that the author has to go through while writing this book. Even when the reader is thrown into the deep end of love, pain, joy, sorrow, elation, regret, happiness, and sadness, the book’s genius lies in the fact that the author helps the reader maintain hope. Written with a painful honesty and a certain naivety that could be attributed to his age; and a certain complexity and meticulousness, that belies his age, Her Name is Imagination is a book full of conundrums like these. It forces one to think, almost challenges the reader to find answers. However, throughout all this, at the end the reader is bound to feel good and a little liberated.
Alok Amit Abhilash shares his perspective and take on life through “Her Name is Imagination”. It is a collection of 25 poems where he goes down, gets up, is thankful and despite the grim world that he is a part of, maintains hope.

Be it the darkness in “My Name is Imagination”, or the thanksgiving in “Messing Around (I’m Blessed)”, Alok Abhilash conveys his mind and holds nothing back. Mostly,  the poems are written in a simple language, however I must admit I had to look up the meaning of camaraderie in “Happiness/Pursuit of Happiness”. Referring to Imagination as a flirtatious “her” in “Her Name is Imagination” or advising us to be balanced in the fight  “Darkness and Light”, Alok Abhilash makes good use of analogies to narrate his ideas from the first poem itself(“Time”).

There are times where the rhythm does indeed break and it becomes more like a rant. Though it is mentioned that the poems inspire positive attitude, some poems end on a dark note, whereas in some instances the ending is really abrupt. 

Some of the poems are well written. My personal favorit was “My Name in Society” which feels relatable, realistic and perhaps even an eye opener to current modern lifestyle. 

Overall, the Alok Abhilash successfully displays his potential. Indeed, there are some poems which need more effort, but nevertheless they give an impact and leaves a good impression on our minds.

For Alok Amit Abhilash’s maiden work my rating would be 4/5

Overall Verdict:- A praiseworthy effort by a young mind

The book can be found at Amazon and Flipkart
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