Monday, January 28, 2019

Book Review - Walk the Wire - A 21st Century Guide for Millennials

The title "Walk the Wire" in red font and a man juggling 3 apples at ease got my attention when I first saw the book cover. Then I saw the introductory line "A 21st Century Guide for Millennials to Find Balance and Accomplish Their Goals" on the top of the book. Though self-help is not our favorite genre, the short length made us select this book.

Book Blurb
A strong reason why we fail to achieve our goals is our inability to comprehend our minds. We sometimes tend to over-commit to multiple goals and set ourselves up for failure or lose direction of where we want to go. History is important because it reminds us of mistakes from the past, the knowledge of which prevents us from repeating the same. Similarly, our personal history with goal-setting and goal-achievement is salient in understanding what we could have done better in the past, and implementing them into a more effective present and future. 

Through this book, you will become aware of why you aren’t as effective in goal-setting and goal-achievement and how you can become the absolute best version of yourself. We will cover the wonderful art and science behind setting multiple goals and achieving them, and attempt to master the jugglery of balance in several aspects of our lives. Take this journey with me to truly understand how you can excel in multiple aspects of your life all at once. You can have your cake and eat it too. 
Let’s walk the wire together!
The book is divided into 4 chapters. The name goes like this
  1. Too many distraction, too little substance
  2. Dealing with the beast
  3. Putting into Practice
  4. Finding balance 
You may find the name of chapters too generic or theoretic, but the author has nicely covered important points as in bullet list. He has perfectly started with the situation of the 21st-century young generation. It is easy to get distracted in today's world. Even if you feel you are not distracted then many of us are still under the false impression of achieving something. Things may look good but won't fit us. Many times we set goals without giving many thoughts. Author has shown a systematic approach to decide realistic, achievable and measurable goals, considering all circumstances. And then comes how we are going to achieve them. We all complain about lack of time and money. But so was the case with successful people. Here the author has shown some real cases to prioritize/delegate/schedule our current lifestyle. Lastly, he has shown the importance of balance between work life and how to achieve maintain goals.

Self-help book required a good amount of illustrations and examples otherwise it will end up another theory book. Vivek has given ample examples (one per topic) to keep the reader hooked. Illustrations /tools/materials also help the reader to apply these concepts in real life. Finally short in size book will not give the first impression of a dull read. The author has also provided blank spaces, wherever thought process and jotting down required. If you are really looking for some help in increasing your focus/concentrations, but cannot take self-help, then I would recommend this book to you. It is a light and engaging read, and equally helpful.

  1. Cover - 4/5
  2. Content - 3.5/5
  3. Concept - 4/5
  4. Overall -4/5
Book can be found at Amazon & Flipkart
Review from other readers can be found at GoodReads


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