Thursday, January 3, 2019

Discussion with Author Chivi Frost About Book The Blogger Trailmap

Last month we reviewed "The Blogger Trailmap - How to Take Your Blog to the Next Level in Easy Steps" by Chivi Frost. Today we got chance to share details about the author on our platform. 

Chivi's Brief Introduction
Chivi Frost did her Master’s in Information Technology, and she has traversed both the worlds of technology and business.  Chivi has worked as a content marketing strategist, SEO expert and as social media adviser for Fortune 100 companies. An avid hiker, Chivi loves to hit the trails in the national parks whenever she needs to recharge herself. 

Chivi reads everything and anything. She is most inspired by biographies, or memoirs of men and women who share their personal experiences. One of the recent books she has read is a biography of the Tao Master Kwan in the “Chronicles of Tao”.
Chivi Frost is passionate about helping independent authors, artists and other creative entrepreneurs succeed. Her work as a free-lance consultant with is dedicated to supporting solopreneurs.
Information about Chivi's writing career
As a content marketing strategist writing has always been an enjoyable part of Chivi Frost’s job. However, she remembers wanting to write stories even as a kid and won numerous essay prizes at school.

Chivi’s goal is to demystify the “business success formulae” for solopreneurs and give them the insider track on how large companies implement successful sales strategies. Her book, “The Blogger Trailmap: How to Take Your Blog to the Next Level in Easy Steps”, distils the experience gained from a thousand sales battles into an easy to understand guide for authors and bloggers.

Details on her latest book - "The Bloggers Trailmap"
If book was published 6 months before this conversation you can also tell us number of books sold/distributed with critic and overall ratings. (You can skip if books has not got pace in market)

Chivi Frost’s book, “The Blogger Trailmap: How to Take Your Blog to the Next Level in Easy Steps”, is written to help grow your blog or vlog very quickly to the next level. For many bloggers, that “next level” would mean more traffic and more money from their blog. For others, the “next level” may mean improving their personal brand, sharing ideas with a larger audience, or growing their blog as an “Author Platform”. 
The Blogger Trailmap is meant to be an action-oriented companion on your blogging journey with links to 20+ free tools, templates and resources which were specially created by the team to support this book.
The most wonderful things is that your blogging journey is mapped out in a fun and easy to implement manner. You will be on your way to amazing success very quickly with The Blogger Trailmap as your friendly, companion guide.
More about Chivi's future projects
Chivi Frost is working with the team to create more amazing resources for authors, illustrators and bloggers. 
Chivi's advice to aspiring writers
Learn to sell before you publish your first book!
Is there anything else you would like to add that I haven’t included?
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