Friday, April 19, 2019

Book Review - Think, Eat, Live Smart by Anjali Hooda Sangwan

An attractive cover, catchy title and interesting subtitle - "Secrets to Super Charge Health", these things got my attention when I saw "Think, Eat, Live Smart" by Anjali Hooda Sangwan. In the last one and a half year, since we expanded and started exploring books in other genres, health/diet related books became regular in our schedule. I think in the last 18 months we have read more than 8 books in said genre. These books have directly or indirectly left a healthy impact on my lifestyle. I think every book I have read from this genre at least one thing I started new from each of them. Also, I cannot say no to Anjali's book as it attests years of her experience in the field of obesity and diet.

Book Blurb
Concentrate on your overall well-being and weight loss is sure to follow. Think, Eat, Live Smart is a comprehensive yet concise handbook on holistic healthy lifestyle. In today’s world, where bookstores are filled with health books obsessed with weight loss, Dr Hooda’s stance is clear–she does not want to add another weight loss book to the world. Instead, what she wants to and does beautifully, is help readers choose prevention as a path to healthy living.
This book touches upon subjects ranging from balancing nutrients in food, food myths, challenges posed by the Indian diet, behaviour modification such as stress management and portion control, to the importance of sleep, gut health, hormones and much more. It also provides various case studies to relate to readers across all age groups. 
Unlike other books I have read, Anjali has taken the case study approach. By case study, I mean the author would provide lifestyle & habits of an individual/patient in details including exercise and dietic schedule. These case studies are segregated based on 5-6 topics. Each case study followed by what is wrong or could be still improved. In many cases, the patient thinks he/she is doing or following proper methodology, even you may feel that they are taking the right path. Anjali has properly given plus and minus of those schedule along with improvement/suggestions.

Last 2-3 chapter covers direct advice related to medicine, yoga or exercise, recipes - healthy and equally tasty. The last chapter is about a cheat meal. I liked the concept of a cheat meal. It is leniency in your regime to keep your happiness scale up.

Overall a fantastic read. The language used is simple and easy. Even basic English learner can read it. Easy to follow instructions. No theory or fundas. To the point, example-driven exercise to readers.

A sure shot recommendation to health lovers. I would give 4.5/5 to the book.

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Review from other readers can be found at GoodReads


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