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Book Review - Wild World: The Adventures of Bali and Bhola by Deepak Arora

I saw "Wild World: The Adventures of Bali and Bhola" by Deepak Arora book's praise post by Preeti Shenoy. I was attracted to cover so much that I simple inquired my friend in publishing house about the book availability. That book was provided to Preeti Shenoy as ARC or maybe for her feedback. So I had to wait for the book to get released. Though the book released after two months of my inquiry and It took another month for me to get the book, the wait for the book was justified. 

Book Blurb
Bali, the langur, decides to move back into the Wild World after getting fed up of chasing monkeys in the city. Bhola, the bear, escapes to the jungle from the brutalities of his human owner to lead a happy and satiated life.
On the night of Bali’s welcome party, Bali saves Raja, the tiger, from the bullets of a poacher.
The other animals are impressed and request him to go back to the city and help Rani, the tigress, to escape from the City Zoo. Wild World is a whacky and hilarious tale of a runaway langur and an ever hungry bear who join paws to save the jungle from becoming a human colony.
It is a story of a sanctuary called "Wild World National Park". Though the park was known for its tiger reserve. Only one tiger was left in the jungle. The protagonist of our story was Bali, a langur, who had recently returned from the city. As a child, Bali had a dream of living in a city where he would be working with Men to chase out Monkeys. So he voluntarily got trapped in poacher's plan. He was taken to the city and there he was sold to a drunkard who went to one society to another where Monkey's were harassing people. It was then Bali came to know the reality of his dream. For his owner, he was just a Monkey with a black face who chased out Monkey with red/white faces. He ran from his owner and came back to his actual home Jungle. On return langur clan, started treating him as a star. He was given importance. On top of that, he saved the life of Tiger - King of Jungle. This made him an important figure among other animals as well. Read the book to know more.

Indian literature needs good books for middle graders. When I see books available in USA / UK for kids in the age of 7-12 they have so many options. Where in India kids were given limited options and due to that they move towards other options like gaming, mobile/tablet. If we can provide proper books to kids they can cultivate the habit of reading. A book like "Wild World" can actually make it happen. The book is written with such a wonderful concept and a thought process that I don't mind gifting it to friends' kids on their birthdays. Don't worry Deepak this copy will stay with me, as my kid has asked us to keep all kids books safe till he starts reading. :)

Good points about the book
  • Awesome cover art. I don't think a child or parent can reject such a cute looking cover. 
  • Not just cover, a wonderful artwork given in each chapter about the important scene of that chapter. I think this is necessary for the targeted audience. It will increase kids' interest potion.
  • Nicely merged concepts of nature's reserve, animal care, environmental care.
  • Smooth and easy language usage.
  • The fluid pace of the story. No hurdles for kids to go one page to another.
  • Proper characterization and funny naming which will bring a smile to a kids face
I would advise you to get 2-3 copies of this book for gifting purpose. Nothing could be a better gift than a book to kids especially. :)

  1. Cover -  5/5
  2. Artwork - 4.5/5
  3. Concept - 4.5/5
  4. Content - 4/5
  5. Overall - 4.5/5
Book can be found at Amazon & Flipkart
Review from other readers can be found at GoodReads


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