Thursday, May 30, 2019

7 steps to publish your books on Notion Press' Xpress Publishing Platform

We have been book blogging and reviewing for the last 3 years. We were really curious when we found 1 out of 2 debut Indian authors publishing with Notion Press. We wanted to know why so many authors prefer Notion Press over other self-publishing firms. Later on, while discussing with many of those authors we came to know about the service provided by Notion Press. They were really happy with Notion Press' fast service and they recommended it to their friends. But it seems Notion Press was not satisfied with their pace so they came up with a completely new platform which they are calling it "Xpress Publishing". 

Around three months back I received Notion Press promotional mail for "Xpress Publishing", I checked details of their service. I was impressed by the same. The platform has 7 steps to design your book, all you need is your content nothing else. I wanted to try out the platform, so I wrote 5 short stories and got ready to check how to move ahead. 

7 steps to publish your books on Xpress Publishing
  1. Book Format - You can literary select each and every aspect of look & feel factor of the book. Format, Genre, Page Size, Color, Language, Cover, etc. Apart from English, Hindi & Tamil, they have recently started 7 more languages in beta mode for regional authors.
  2. Title Information - Here you need to provide all the information that comes on the front & back cover. Like Title, Subtitle, Blurb, Author information, etc.
  3. Interior Design - Here you have to upload the actual text of your book. They provide 3 options: Create Online - Where you can write and format your text on their platform. Upload Print - ready file - Here they provide word format to you. That can make your work easy to format content offline. Expert Design - This is a customized service to the paid user to bring completely professional output. Don't worry if you are technical savvy first two options can also give you professional look.
  4. Cover Design - Just like Interior Design for cover design also they provide the same 3 options. 
  5. Select Distribution - Here they provide an option to the author to select how they would like their book to channelize. They have "Only notion press" option and "all major platform" option. For "all major platform" they scrutinize your work and if you are eligible they will also provide ISBN free of cost to you.
  6. Set Pricing - Based on the book you designed, they will give all the pricing information along with royalty you will get from a different platform. You can set price of your book.
  7. Send for Review - This is a final step where you can visualize the complete book and send it for review. 
Check out the platform at Notion Press

Don't worry you don't need to write down above steps, they have provided much more details than I have given above. You will feel like someone is personally guiding you on how to create your book. At each step, you will get video references as well.

Overall I found it really helpful for a debut author. If you don't believe me, you can check the book I published in 1 hour on Notion Press. Just look at the cover, I have prepared the cover on their site. They provide all types of required resources readily available. Links of the book I published

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