Monday, May 13, 2019

Book Review - Ganesha: An Afro-Asian story

Ganesha had a special place in my heart, There are two reasons for the same.
  1. First time I have reviewed a manuscript. Yes, I have read it as manuscript and second time as a published work. So I am going to remember it as the first manuscript reviewing
  2. I have read closely 250 fictions/novels in my life. (You may find numbers less,  but I started it since 2016). I haven't read such a detailed book around animal life with an animal as the protagonist.

Book blurb
On the trail of Ganesha, the Afro-Asian ele-calf, born by a quirk of fate and in the most improbable of circumstances in the wilds of East Africa in 1943. Then begins his journey to the Southern wilds of India and his fight for survival in those new wilds.
Born on the same day as Ganesha, in a rural hamlet of Southern India is Maari, who goes on to become one of the most dreaded poachers India has ever known.
And know how their fates inevitably cross over the decades during which there are profound changes in both the political and ecological landscape of India.
Ganesha is a unique story. In a normal novel, there is a human protagonist, supporting characters, an antagonist. (Sometimes pets as supporting characters). In Ganesh, an elephant named Ganesha is our protagonist. His herd-brother "One-Eyed" and head mahout are major supporting characters. And tuskless-Dundubhi is an antagonist of the story. Ganesha is shown as a crossbreed of Asian & African elephants. He was born in Africa in the wild. Due to a tragedy, all members of his herd died. He was transported to the Indian subcontinent. Here he met his heard-friend or I would say sworn-brother One-Eyed. When they reached the age they got separated from his maternal herd and joined a male elephant. During that time they first time met tuskless-Dundubhi. Later on due to Dundubhi they got captured and did some commendable tasks. Apart from them, there is one human character is also narrated in the book who was shown similar to Veerappan. Read the book to know more.

Frankly speaking, I am completely flat. The book is a brilliant piece of work. The author has done a wonderful job of providing animal world information of so many animal families be it elephant, lion, tiger, snake, python, dogs and many more. At the same time, he has shown the cruelty of human nature which has affected wildlife drastically sending many of wildlife into extinction. While reading the book you will feel like watch Discovery or National Geographic Wildlife shows.

Talking about the ratings
  1. Cover - 3/5
  2. Concept- 4.5/5
  3. Character - 4.5/5
  4. Content - 4/5
  5. Overall - 4/5
Book can be found at Amazon India & Amazon USA
Review from other readers can be found at GoodReads


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