Friday, November 8, 2019

Healthy Dog, Happy You: Secrets to a Thriving Life with Your Best Companion by Dr Juliet Decaestecker

Neither my family nor I have ever taken any pet under shelter and we do not believe in adopting and caging one. But that doesn’t mean I cannot read a book on how to raise a healthy pet if my kid decides to take one in the future. When Dr. Juliet Decaesteckere to two reasons, attractive cover and proper blurb of the book.

Book Blurb
India, a land of over 1.3 billion people is also home to many dogs and pet parents. After three years of being in India and having travelled all over the world, Dr. Juliet Decaestecker believes that creating awareness is key to prevent disease. India can be an ideal place to raise dogs, if you apply Dr. Juliet’s 5 secrets, as the country has a rich history, culture, food and medicine. With her expertise in both Traditional medicines and allopathy, this integrative veterinarian discusses good practices that will help you raise healthy and happy dogs
As Dr. Juliet has worked as a Vet for more than 15 years with multiple specialties she has seen the dog’s world with a completely new perspective. You might have come across people who treat various ailments without medicines but by changing daily diet or lifestyle. Dr. Juliet is the same kind of practitioner who believes in Naturopathy & lifestyle habits than medicine. Each chapter or topic she has covered in the book will be a real eye-opener for owners. Let me give you an example, I have heard that if you are pure vegetarian and want to feed your pets only veg food don’t adopt one. The author has mentioned the same with proper reasoning. On top of it, she has also shared that the way we avoid our kids to have excessive packaged foods, we should follow it for dogs. The chapter that touched me is about street dogs, since our childhood, we have been taught to stay away from street dogs to avoid bites. The author has explained possible scientific reasons for both sided behavior. (As I had been bitten by a dog in past, the explanation seems logical to me). The book not just discussed dietary & lifestyle habits, it has also discussed the way pets can be beneficial to their owners, by making bond on physical, mental & psychological level.

The book shows the author’s authority or knowledge of the subject. Her experience as a vet & a dog owner is really visible when she has discussed various topics with proper real-life examples & scientific background. Pictures that she has shared from her life (related to dogs) make reading lively. Her writing style is simple & straight. Though the book falls under self-help, you won't feel bored while reading it. If I being non-pet lover can read the book with great interest then I believe pet lover/parents may find it helpful.

  1. Cover - 4/5
  2. Content - 4/5
  3. Overall - 3.75/5
Book can be found at Amazon - Paperback  & Kindle
Review from other readers can be found at GoodReads


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