Saturday, November 30, 2019

Book Review - The Many Adventures of Peter and Fi

When I had compared my yearly, quarterly & monthly book read logs, I realized that compared to 2017, year on year I was/am reading fewer books. From 70+ in 2017, I am around 40-45 books now. At the same time guilt of not able to read kept increasing, to cover the lost/missed pages I needed an option.

Around that time I came upon a mail by "Kelvyn Fernandes" about his book "The Many Adventures of Peter and Fi Volume I: Homecoming". I had little time and about to decline a request when I saw the audiobook available. So I took that as a sign from stars and downloaded the first chapter. I gave a try during my morning cycling time. I liked the experience so much that after coming back I downloaded all chapters and also worked around audiobooks from other authors. I know I am mixing up my first audiobook experience with this book's review but I cannot separate them as both are linked.

Coming to the actual story, it is about two characters Peter and Fi. The first one is a magician and the later one is from the mystical beast clan. The story started when Peter for his magician qualification took a quest. On the way or I would say to reach his goal he went through various situations. Fi was an orphan raised by Peter. She joined him in his quest in return for the promise that Peter would take her to her hometown. Description & adventure are filled with the fantasy world and its creature. Read the book to know more.

Though written for middle grade, it can give satisfaction fantasy readers as well. There are parts in books which brings smile to your face and there are parts (like condition of prisoner, punishment to people around city wall, attack on Phi's village) will make you feel emotional. The story is divided into multiple short ones, side characters of each stories are well thought of keeping Jack & Phi as mains.

The book is written with simple language for the targeted audience. The plot is simple. Voice artist has done a good job. He has maintained the difference between different characters which has given uniqueness to the narration. Overall a good book/story. I will give 3.75 out of 5 to this book.

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