Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Thoughtfully Written Poems - Wake Up Oh! Indian Wake Up Please - Book Review

When I first checked the cover of "Wake Up Oh! Indian Wake Up Please" I thought the book would be based on the political situation in India. But the blurb of the book made it clear, from the blurb I got to know that the book is dedicated to the ground issues that India faces India. It took me not more than 3 days to finish this book. 

Book Blurb
A collection of easy to read understand, book of inspirational poetry on India that you can enjoy, mull over, reflecting the everyday reality and solutions. Not long ago, it took blood, sweat, tears & countless sacrifices to achieve freedom enabling us to manage our own affairs. But, haphazard planning, gross mismanagement, lack of genuine accountability, corruption, cronyism, nepotism, lack of a uniform education system, bending rules, and the bribing, have become a part of our everyday reality. This is endured silently by the faceless millions and are slowly & steadily becoming the accepted norm. Introspection without justifications and the ability to swallow one’s pride and pretensions can help one comprehend our reality of today, and also realize that it is possible to cure our present state of affairs. Here is a sample of book of inspirational poetry Garbage bins are not maintained With litter, scattered all around Civic sense we seem to have lost Because most, to it, are blind. We must re-educate our people The only way to achieve our goal We must do it ourselves Our efforts are required, not dole. Will we remain as one? To rebuild and fix our land And maintain what we rebuild To be proud of where we stand.
"Wake Up Oh! Indian Wake Up Please" is a collection of poems that inspire, involve the reader with it's use of simple words elegantly written. Each dedicated to a major issue affecting India. Covered issues: poverty, education, sanitation, communal violence, poverty, corruption, politics, transportation, infrastructure, employment, etc. Forty poems, each start with a depiction of the current condition of the said topic, followed by an appeal by the author to the general public to become aware of the situation. The poems aim to raise awareness and patriotism from children to adults.

Frankly speaking, we all are aware of these situations, but we are so used to them that we take it as just part of our life. We understand the gravity of the situation when it happens with us like in case of corruption, violence, etc. Sometimes we see the stark contrast between our culture and other countries' when we visit them, in terms of infrastructure, sanitation, cleanliness, etc. It is not that we don't have a system for it, but stakeholders are not active. Even we don't consider ourselves as active participants. We always think such things won't matter, and that's what the author has pointed out. Readout poems yourself to get the feel.

Coming to the working style, it is plain and to the point. Language usage is simple. The author has concentrated on message delivery than impressing readers by flaunting words.

I would give 4.25 out of 5 for this wonderful work.

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