Friday, December 6, 2019

Book Review - Immortal by Krishna Udayasankara

I have read Govinda (the first book in Aryavarta Chronicles) twice by Krishna Udayasankara. And after that, I read the Beast by her. Looking at writing style she has exceptionally proved her skills by delivering complete two different kinds of writing styles & genres. Where the first one was mythification, the second one was paranormal fiction. So when I checked Immortal by her was republished again by penguin, I thought of not missing it. I checked the blurb and found it was again a different style, a histo-thriller. I simply took it. But due to my survival spondylosis, I was not able to read it on time. Well guilty of not writing a review was greater than not reading a book, so I took out a special time during my physiotherapy and finished it.

The protagonist of our story is professor Bharadvaj, a 40-year looking man assisted by Manohar. He was approached by a lady called Maya to find out the elixir of immortality. But the professor tried his best to deny the task claiming it to be a fairy tale. As professor himself was Ashwatthama, legendary warrior & son of Drona. In his long life span, he tried to locate that potion but never found a clue of it. But somehow after Maya had approached the professor, he started finding hard to find that elixir was just myth. So that is when Ashwatthama started one and the last trial to find out what was the truth behind missing artifact. 

Coming to the writing style, the tone has changed this time. You may feel the difference between Govinda & Immortal. Govinda was written lavishly at ease as the author had the option to write it in 3 parts. Where in here she had only one book to compile things that to multiple historical incidents (wars after great war) where Ashwatthama was present. So the pace was generally medium to fast. Krishna's control over words is visible throughout the book. Again based on the type of reading you prefer your opinion may change for the storyline as few find it flawed and few find it flawless. For me it is mixed or I would say slight flawed but still far better than upcoming mythification writers who are trying to race in the league.

Overall a nice read. I would give 4/5 to the book.

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