Sunday, December 8, 2019

Umeed India with Virender Sehwag - A Book Review

I have read 3-4 books by Rupa publication which was compiled by the Epic Channel team. Basically, these books are text edition of some of their best series/episodes. I loved them. Previous ones were more on Bollywood, but this time I got my hands on inspirational figures of India who are raising the bar in various sports that are played internationally. How can I say no to such a book? So here I am giving you a brief of what Umeed India is. 

Book Blurb
He lost both his arms at a very young age. He went on to qualify in the Paralympics and is India’s ace para swimmer! He is Suyash Jadhav. She had only nine seconds to turn the game in her favour at the Olympics. And she did it! She is wrestler Sakshi Malik. He had a perennial fear of water. He went on to become India’s only rower to qualify in the Olympics finals! He is Dattu Bhokanal. His patient’s wheelchair hardly moved when he started playing. He went on to become India’s champion para shuttler! He is Sanjeev Kumar. Umeed India: Guts, Glory and Gold talks about groundbreaking stories of not just these iconic men and women but of many more like them. Based on a popular show on Epic Channel, Umeed India: Inki Jeet Hamari Jeet, where host-cricketer Virender Sehwag travels through the country and interviews these stars in their villages and training bases, capturing exciting moments in their home environment and meeting their family and friends, in order to discover their real story of grit and determination. This book features inspiring stories of thirteen such athletes who are our hope for the 2020 Olympics.
As I just mentioned, the book covered sportspersons who have given hope to Indians for medals in upcoming Olympics or International Sports games. 15 years back India has known only a few sports where they can show their prowess, in other sports they were just giving showing their attendance. The environment has started changing and now people are looking for more options than just Cricket. Still for the majority of the encouragement of the sport for proper sports body is missing in India. But the personalities discussed in the book had overcome those limitations and shown their true caliber. The book is in an interview format, where the host is none other than Virender Sehwag. Questions cover how they got inspiration for these sports, what difficulties they faced in earlier days, the role of their parents in their achievement. Almost every personality had faced something unique and inspirational that will give you goosebumps. 

The language used is simple. I would say beginners can easily understand it. And those who don't like stories but would like to learn English then this will be an ideal pick. I hope I don't have to give more weight to the inspiration quotient. They have already brought glory to India in their respective fields whether they will medal or not. But I hope all of them achieve their dream of winning medals.

A nice read indeed.

I will give 4/5 to the book.

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