Monday, December 30, 2019

Book reviews - The Treasure Syndicate

"The Treasure Syndicate" by Jatin Kuberkar was the first thing I saw when I received a monthly book summary from DDS. I dived deep and found out that the book is based on a treasure hunt with a unique concept. So I inquired more to DDS, she strongly recommended me to go for it. I bought it on Amazon at a great deal price. I should have started it as soon as I received but due to Diwali and health issues, three pan was postponed. Before 2020 starts I am putting my review as a new year gift to the author who conceptualized this book.

As the name suggests Treasure Syndicate is the story of how a group of 5 met and conducted a treasure hunt. But if you are expecting something like a treasure hunt of National Treasure types Movie, then no, it's a different style. The Syndicate here is a dedicated group lead by one of them known as Leader/guide (claimed to be a direct decedent of Suka the son of Kubera). In our story he is Acharya, an astrologer, a Vastu expert, he had helped his father in finding 3 treasures in the past. But the first mission he led as a guide was a failure and he lost his son & daughter-in-law in that mission. Almost for 10 years, he stayed dormant as a guide. But things changed when he visited a house in Patthar Galli. He hoped to conduct one last successful mission as a guide. He took in two newcomers in his syndicate. New members came with their minds & doubts. Along with the mission, Acharyaji had a new responsibility to answer new members' questions and win their trust.

Good points about the book
1) Easy language usage
2) Nice character connection. 
3) A new concept to read
4) The author has used various references to site excavation done in the last 100 years

The pace of the book is medium at places. Interest quotient was set high at some places but comes down at many places, which has affected overall reading experience.

I will give 4 out of 5 stars to the book.

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