Friday, December 27, 2019

Nice book on Parenting - Raising a True Winner by Tanuja Sodhi

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs especially when your generation Z kids stay active. In age nuclear families and single or at max two kids these days stay super active as they don't get much physical activity to do with. I always keep looking for activities that I can give to my 5-year-old. The last book I read on parenting was "Super Child", it was so awesome I made my mind to read one such book every few months. 

The book touches almost all aspects of parenting: emotional, social, nutritional, character building, physical & life skills. Today's child won't listen to just advice. Children follow us or our examples. So the content covers why each topic is important, how to make our children practice these advises, how to formulate exercise or game or activity for kids so that they don't feel like following advises. Many such wonderful tips are covered in the book. I like the section where the author has mentioned daily chores that we should ask our kids to do on their own. I have seen many kids especially boys who can't do a simple thing like ironing a shirt, warming up food, sweeping. These are overly protected & dependent kids who sometimes break down when meeting difficult times. So the author is right about it. A must-read for new generation parents.

The writing style is smooth. You will find the most practical advice with steps to follow. You won't be bored with all psychological reasoning. The author has written for normal parents who understand layman's explanation and guidance. I liked those sections which tell us what activities we can give to our kids suitable to their age group. We have thought of start giving a few daily chores to our 5-year-old. Let's see how our kid responds.

The book is written with Simple language usage for a wider audience. I would give 4 out of 5 to this book.

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