Wednesday, March 11, 2020

A Book Review - The Brahmin Warrior by R. Durgadoss

I have read the first 2 books by Dr. Durgadoss in the Indus Valley Series. His books are just like Tollywood movies, which contain action, drama, mystery & super fast storyline. As given in prologue there are predecided numbers of books in the series and in each book the cursed warrior will be born with unique capabilities at the time of great need. 

This book covers the era of the unjust rule of Islamic Kings over India. These were trying times where mass killing or conversions of Hindus to Muslims were common things. The resident Hindus needed a force that can stop these atrocities. That is when our protagonist Aditya was born. In this reincarnation, he was born with powers to control earth. Raised in Muslim rakhi-brother of his mother, Aditya got an education in Hindu & Muslim religion along with solder training from Mughals and Parshurama. He went on a mission to establish a Hindu Rashtra for his maternal Uncle Hemu. Read the book to know how he fought 22 great battles for his uncle.

As usual, Durgadoss's books are super fast-paced. You will find no extra lines in the story. Every word is tightly around the story. Language is easy, ideal for beginners. You will learn multiple historical facts as well, but you need some serious books to know the actual strategies used during wars. The author has tried best to tie knots of history with mythology & fantasy. This multi-genre books can accompany you on your vacations. 

I am not sure which era would be taken in the sequel. Any guess?
- Aurangzeb-Shivaji times
- Bajirao-Nizam times
- Goan Portuguese
- Keralites Portuguese times
- British era. 

Overall I will give 3.5 out of 5 to this book. 

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