Monday, May 22, 2017

A Glance at the Unknown by Sangeeta Sumesh

"A Glance at the Unknown" by Sangeeta Shankaran Sumesh is a light read which emphasis on the importance of good karma. Karma is like a boomerang, the far you throw your boomerang, the more fierce impact you get when it comes back. Where more than 50% of books are getting published in the romance genre and remaining on alternate-history-fiction, you will find lesser books written on such deep topics. I read such message driven book almost six months back, which would be like 30 books back. :)  

Book blurb
A Glance at the Unknown is an intriguing suspense thriller involving murder, rape, extra-marital affairs, treachery and tragedy. Each short story eventually converges into the main story.
Sid needs to find answers to his father's untimely and unfortunate death. He goes in search of the infamous goons, Veerargals, to avenge his father's death. Soon he realizes that he's not the only one marching toward the unknown and seeking answers to the mystery of life. Now, in a group of five, Sid and his acquaintances-turned-friends, want to unearth the enigma in their life.
They want revenge; do they find it? Will they be spared? What was the invisible truth? Were they able to unravel it? Read this captivating story to discover more.
The blurb has wonderfully given enough clues for interested buyers to pick up the book. I don't want to disclose more than blurb to spoil readers experience. 

I have seen many people who normally reject books after reading first 3 chapters. I would like to point out one thing to such readers specially for this book. "Have patience. Go with the flow." Let me tell you my experience. When I read first four chapters which talk about Shiva's marriage life, Shilpa's tragedy, Srinivasan's (Sid's father) death and Sid convocation ceremony, I was jumping from one plot to another. I didn't understand what is happening with story-line. But once the flow entered the forest of Agamalai, things started becoming clear. Author has wonderfully woven four-five stories at a time and portrayed them as one story at the end.

Another thing that I liked about the story is the way Sangeeta has created characters and their background. Their background shows their traits and suffering, the same background shows the relation of their suffering with their karma. The best part was the way the spiritual message was delivered with 5 different characters. As I said earlier, the story is strongly built on the concept of Karma. And the book has very well shown that one cannot outrun his / her karmic debt. 

The only weak point that I found was the pace at which Sangeeta drove the climax. I felt that the ending was finished in rush. If more emphasis was given on climax, the book would have added one more plus point. 

Overall it was a good read. "Fast pace" and "To the point story" approach are the biggest plus point of the book. One can take it to his/her journey, and finish it within a day.

Talking about rating:
  1. Cover - 4 / 5
  2. Characters - 3.5 / 5 (Being a short book scope was less but justice was done to Sid and Shiva's character)
  3. Storyline - 4 / 5
  4. Concept - 3.5 / 5
  5. Overall - 4 / 5
Book can be found at - Amazon & Flipkart
Review from other readers can be found at GoodReads


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