Monday, May 15, 2017

Narration of Moments, Unadulterated and Unpackaged - My Jiffies

My Jiffies by Priyanka Sharma Kaintura is not a story or a plot, it's just a flow of emotions. It is not even collection of short stories, but a collection of various sentiments. Page-long narrations or poems show feeling of human hearts.

Book Blurb
My Jiffies is a book of bite-sized stories that have the influence to tug at the chords of your heart. This book has seven categories - Orations, Eclogues, Monologues and Dialogues, Stories, Pathos, Satire and Sarcasm, and finally, Life Aphorisms and Epigrams.
Every noteworthy or insignificant, radical or mundane moment around us is a story, only if watched closely. A contained expression, a slightly longer pause, an anxious embrace, expectant silence, disquiet farewell; our jiffies can come from anywhere.
This book captures a string of such jiffies reciting tacit sentiments or messages turned upside down in our everyday life.
Priyanka Kaintura has divided book wonderfully in seven segments. Each segment starts with wonderful art and few lines. Each segment has its own narration which makes us feel the emotions with which narration was painted. Segments are:
  • Orations - Literally mean a formal speech. But this segment is flooded with various questions, incidents, and stories that one person can relate with day to day things. These snippets take readers to themselves and make readers ponder upon thinking process.
  • Eclogues - Poems, shorter ones. Most of these poems are written as Priyanka's own feeling towards various relationships and emotions.
  • Monologues & Dialogues - A very short conversation or mental note of various characters, mostly ending with thought provoking questions or line.
  • Stories - Bite-sized stories as blurb mentioned, but deep in meaning. I liked nine stories that Priyanka has created in line with nine shades of Durga
  • Pathos - Again short narrations/stories talk about some heart touching stories
  • Satire & Sarcasm - Short tales on thoughtful topics
  • Life Aphorisms & Epigrams - Poems, wonderfully penned down.
While other authors keep a theme in their mind even while writing short stories book, Priyanka has kept herself from sticking up to the single theme. Book talks about happiness, sadness, belongingness, separations, death, birth.

My Jiffies presents 150+ gems in form of words, some were portrayed as stories, while some were shown as quotes; and some were dressed up as poems.

Talking about ratings:

  1. Cover: 3.5 / 5
  2. Concept: 4 / 5
  3. Content: 4 / 5
  4. Overall: 4 / 5
Book can be found at Amazon & Flipkart
Reviews from other readers can be found at Goodreads


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