Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Thousand Times Over by Sudhanshu Bisen

We are back with another guest review. Devi Talia is back with her second book review on our blog. Today she wants to share review of "A Thousand Times Over" By Sudhanshu Bisen.

Book Blurb
Who doesn’t promise to love the love of their life forever?
But how many actually live up to that promise?
Nishith Singh, a seventeen-year-old, has shared everything with the virtual world—from the pain of losing his father and being blamed for it to falling in love at first sight and being rejected. But nonetheless, he hasn’t given up on his love. When Aahana Basu, a quintessential wife and a loving mother, comes across his blog, she is drawn deeply into his world, much to her own surprise. But when she wakes up to the sudden absence of the recurring dream the next morning, a dream she sees almost every night, and which ends at the very same point, she is left nonplussed. Are the two connected? 
As Aahana finds herself falling for Nishith, she realises there’s much more to things than she sees. From coming across strangers calling out her name and greeting her to feeling an inexplicable connection with a town she visits for the first time, she is left bewildered.
Will Aahana be able to connect the dots and piece together the puzzle? A spine-chilling tale of selfless love, A Thousand Times Over will not only make you fall in love with love but will also leave you with the desire to live up to the promises you’ve made to your beloved.
This story is about Aahana Basu who is a housewife and a mother. Her marriage to Partit has started to falling apart. One day she comes across a blog from Nishith Singh, who has shared the pain of losing his father and falling in love at a first sight and then gets rejected but he did not give up and somehow Aahana felt connected to this blog. At the end, she finds out that the girl Nishith was talking about in the blog was her. The story goes back in past Aahana and Nishith were in love but could not be together as Aahana was supposed to wed Partit so they both Nishith and Aahana decided to kill themselves but Aahana survived and in the process she lost her memory and it was Nishit who was writing the blog all along and he came back to Aahana as her son.

I like the way this story has written but the climax of the story is a bit logic less for me. The first half of the story is quite good and I felt connected to it but at the end, it's quite messed up. What really encourage me to read this book is the line behind the book cover "Hope is a good thing".
  1. Cover : 4/5
  2. Content : 3.5/5
  3. Character : 4/5
  4. Concept : 3/5
  5. Overall : 3.5/5
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This review was published by Devi Talia. She is a medical student, a bookworm and die-heart follower of latest fashion trends. On her blog http://edgeofashion.blogspot.in, she gives tips on being fashionable.


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