Sunday, January 28, 2018

Imperfect Misfits by Devanshi Sharma

When Vishnu first told me the title - "Imperfect Misfits" by Devanshi Sharma available for review, I instantly said yes. I didn't even check the cover, I liked title. Once I received the book I loved the cover art as well.

Book Blurb
Tiasha: I am very annoyed.

Aakaash: That’s your job, Tiasha. Good that you are doing it well.
Tiasha: And I am very serious.
Aakaash: When are you not!
Tiasha: Argh! I hate you, Aakaash. 
Aakaash: Thank God for small mercies! 
Just like a scoop of vanilla ice cream makes the sizzling chocolate brownie delicious, these best friends complimented each other. A chef by passion, Tiasha jumps and waves through her professional choices, while Aakaash, the witty stand-up comedian, knows exactly what he wants.
He was the tranquility which refugees crave to stay in and she was the refugee, who wanted to wander and explore. Imperfect Misfits is a story of perfect misfits, food, frolic, emotions and their endless imperfections.
The question is, will their friendship survive through this wavy journey of love? 
"Imperfect Misfits" is the story of two best friends Aakash and Tiasha. Aakash was sorted guy, whereas Tasha was a bit childish in nature. These two inseparable best friends fell in love and things started to go haywire. When things didn't work out, they decided to just begin best friends again. Along the way, they both started dating different people. But could not feel that love and finally came back together.

What I like about this book is simple and easy language, therefore millennials will enjoy this book. Being a foodie I also liked the comparison of food with general things and thoughts in life. What I didn't like about this book is author's view in between which was breaking the link of the story. Also, the pace of the story in starting is very slow and bit boring which I didn't like.

Overall this book is for millennials who want to read simple and casual romantic novel.

  1. Cover : - 3.5/5
  2. Content : - 2/5
  3. Character : - 3/5
  4. Concept : - 2.5/5
  5. Overall : - 2.5/5
Book can be found at Amazon & Flipkart
Review from other readers can be found at GoodReads


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