Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Dev Anand Story by Govind Sharma

As the name suggests The Dev Anand Story is the biography of evergreen Dev Anand. This book has covered his ups & downs in the film industry and his personal traits. A very informative book with writing mixed with beautiful quotes and recollections from different personalities & publishing mediums.

Book Blurb
A must-read for Dev Anand fans and students of film history
“A broken nose sometimes makes a great boxer,” said the evergreen Bollywood star Dev Anand after his movie Ishq Ishq Ishq did not work at the box office. In his sixty-five years of unchallenged dominance as the most-loved Hindi film star, Dev Anand gave us several memorable hits like Guide, Taxi Driver, Hum Dono, Johny Mera Naam, and Hare Rama Hare Krishna.
He was not only an exceptionally handsome and stylish hero. His ‘man of the future’ philosophy is worth emulating by persons of all generations. He neither celebrated his successes nor lamented over his failures. A Karma Yogi, in the true sense of the term, he produced, directed, and acted in a lead role in a movie at the age of eighty-eight, which is without parallel in the history of Bollywood.
The book attempts to analyse why his philosophy of life is a source of inspiration for all. It also gives a detailed filmography from Hum Ek Hain to Charge Sheet, with a separate chapter on Guide, and a special write-up on his genius brother Vijay Anand.
The book covers the year-wise classification of Dev Anand's movies along with the summary of few of his remarkable movies. That is appreciable work of the author. 

Though this is  "Dev Anand Story" there is less about "Dev Anand" and more about his films. As a reader, I can understand that film and actor can't be separated from each other. Still, a lot can be done & written over the struggle of Dev Anand. Facts about the movie which everyone knows. In a biography, people would like to know other facts about his relationships with others in the film industry, his ups & downs in his film career. These facts can be researched & written. The author could have added the part which talks about his efforts behind getting a movie or struggle in the initial phase.

The Dev Anand fan would surely love that mini summary of movie & don't miss this great art of work.

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