Saturday, February 23, 2019

Book Review "Don’t Understand" by Paresh Bhandari

A hunter taking aim at an open book on the cover and a colophon that stressed the title in a cross. The very first impression of the book lay in the title itself and it was enough to pique my curiosity.

“Don’t understand” is Paresh Bhandari’s take on life, its aspects, the common perspective and his unique view on each of them.

Book Blurb
DON’T UNDERSTAND is a life changing book covering multiple dimensions of living. It is a new approach to address social, cultural, psychological, philosophical, scientific and spiritual topics like STUDY, MARRIAGE, COMMUNALISM, AUM, TIME, LOVE etc.This book motivates to do pioneering work in designing a spiritual index that can show at
which rate mankind is making or destroying lives. The book talks about learning, understanding, experimenting and experiencing, and defines success. With a sense of urgency, the author tries to promote meditation and love so that life gets its essence. This book will provide completeness to not only disoriented lives but also
libraries especially the personal libraries.
From the very start itself the author ensures that we stop applying common logic to life. He takes in the calmer topics first and allows the randomness to set in.  Like a roller coaster ride, the pace kicks in we slowly get the context of the book , the book is not meant to be just soaked in and gives you something to think about.

The book is written in first person perspective. Each and every one of the thirteen topics is short, sweet and summarized well. The incidents and examples chosen by the author feel real and relatable. However, I did feel that for most of the part the book I was not able to find that powerful impact after a good build-up. One might agree or disagree with the author’s view, but nevertheless expression “Penny For Your Thoughts” comes to life.

Personally, I liked the chapter that talked of “Self”. It successfully breaks the conventional thought process and feels the most unique. The chapter of “Don’t understand” feels too chaotic. But nevertheless the book delivers its message to stop making sense of everything, stop trying to find the connection and enjoy life as it comes.

For Paresh Bhandari’s unique philosophy on life as we live it, my overall rating would be 3.5.

Overall Verdict:- Interesting, Thoughtful And Random

Book can be found at - Amazon Paperback & Amazon Kindle Copy
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