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Discussion with Sweta Samota - Author of Nine

Those who have read our review of "Nine - A Gripping Tale of Ila Sharma", today we have the author of that book with us. Yes, we have Sweta Samota with us today to discuss more of her book.

Welcome to our blog Sweta. Thank you for giving us chance. So before we proceed can you brief our readers about your brief background.

Educational Background
  • 23rd Merit in 10th
  • 3rd Merit in 12th with 100% in Physics, Chemistry, Maths
  • B.E. Computers
  • PGDMM Marketing
What were you like at school/college apart from studies?
I was an all-rounder in school - active in sports, arts, cultural activities, speaking skills.
What are some day jobs you have held?
13 years in software industry - worked as software engineer at several MNCs and also dabbled with my own tech startup. Won excellence awards at work too.
Do you read much and if so who are your favorite authors? Which author inspire you the most?
When I read, I read until am finished. I take breaks only for daily chores and do nothing else. I hardly sleep when I am reading. Even in college days, my night outs were with books - awake entire night to read the novels. 

Every book I read inspires me - in some stories, the characters inspire and in some the plot. Some tell me what I want to write, while some warn me to not write like that. 
When did you start writing?
My first article was in school days when I was in 7th std I guess. I have been writing poems since then and some short stories. Blogging on and off after I started working.
When did you decide to become a writer?
Around 2.5 years back, I decided I wanted to be a writer. I always wanted to be one but couldn’t follow my passion because I was tied up chasing other career option.
What are your ambitions for your writing career?
I want my stories to reach every household.
Do you have a special time to write, or how is your day structured to accommodate your writing?
I start to work (included reading/writing/promoting my work) after my breakfast. My morning is reserved for my well-being and for my family. I get time to work after breakfast till evening to work on my projects. I also like to work during the night time when I am free of all the duties and know that the next day is free.  
What have you written?
I am 1 novel (Nine), 1 novella (Kiss of True Love) and 2 short stories (Radha in a Jinx 1&2) old in the publishing world.

Won the Story Award by SheThePeopleTv.
What genre are your books?
Mystery, Thriller and Romance, Contemporary Fiction.
Can you describe your current book in few lines? What’s it about?
All was going well for Ila, solving puzzles, gambling small things, defying Dad’s warning to not solve puzzles for strangers, until her photo is flashed in the media as the national puzzle champion. And then her world gets toppled upside down when she gets to know she is being hunted. She finds something shocking from the history of India and in one moment, everything changes. Betrayed multiple times, trusting anyone is no more in her nature. And falling in love is out of question!

Now, Ila has a chance - to become a part of something she has never thought of. 
Nine is one such journey that will have you biting your nails or gasping for breath but one that you cannot abandon till all the pieces of the jigsaw fall in place.

Give us an insight into your main character(s)
Ila Sharma is a brilliant teenager who is also stubborn and defies her father’s warnings. She is carefree and wants to achieve her dreams no matter what. At the same time, she has this obsession with numbers and codes that lands her into trouble - and then one moment comes when the damage done due to her obsession is irreversible and irreparable.
Where did you get idea for this book?
I cannot recall how I got the idea for this book but when I started writing it, my goal was clear - I wanted to give something exciting, thrilling and entertaining yet wanted the reader to take home facts of Indian politics and monuments. Much like a Blockbuster movie.

Dan Brown's books inspired but me being a techie and having dabbled with numbers for more than ten years, I knew how I was going to use that in the plot.
How much research did you do for this book?
This book 'Nine' required a lot of research (like over a year was spent in research and gathering facts) as it shows the current political scenario as well as the rich history of India. When I was scouring for information, some of that info startled me. And I knew what I wanted to show to the readers. 
Who is your favorite character in your book and why? (If applicable)
My favorite character is Ila Sharma - she has surprised me how she has come alive on paper. I have spent most time with her and she makes me feel the thrill everytime I read her story.
Who is your least favorite character and why? (If applicable)
I don’t like Kyra. She is mean, untrustworthy and a friend you would never want to have. Whenever I read Ila’s story, I loathe Kyra.
What was the hardest thing about writing your latest book?
When I wrote this novel, there were so many eye-opening facts. I had put them into the draft. But while editing, I had to remove them - either they were too controversial or were not required for the story.
Do you have teaser of your book?

When was your book released?
25 December 2018
What are you working on at the minute?
Three books are in the pipeline. One of them is on real life experiences of women in India - a book that sends a chill down the spine - stories of shocking experiences Indian women are going through. Cannot reveal much about the stories right now. All I can say is readers will love them.
What are your thoughts on writing a book series?
Writing book series demands a lot of hard work - not just writing it :)
What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
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