Monday, August 19, 2019

A Metaphysical Adventure Thriller - Adrift by Para H - A Book Review

If you are a bookworm, then you might have read books which you misjudged based on its cover. Well, it is a common phenomenon among us. We have many books which we buy because of its cover., or not buy because we didn't like the books cover. When I saw Adrift the cover had a girl (and a guy as transparent background) I thought it was a love story. I would have skipped the book if I have not checked its blurb. Those who assume that the book is a love story will get a surprise when they read it.

Book Blurb
A catastrophic seismological event causes a large piece of Southern California to break away and float into the Pacific Ocean. More than 10 million Americans are struggling for survival. They can sink any minute. Kate, a spirited young woman, joins the military leaders to take charge of the rescue operations. Father Duncan, a priest, helps Kate by 
inspiring the people with spiritual messages of hope and faith. 
Adrift is a metaphysical adventure thriller that takes on a journey you will never forget. 
What does Indian philosophy have to do with the Americans’ struggle for survival? Will Kate and Father Duncan succeed in saving the masses? Where do they end up? Read on and join the roller coaster ride to discover for yourself. 
The story starts with an earthquake in Southern California. What follows is a complete surprise. When affected people came out to gauge the situation, they find that they have been separated from the USA and are now afloat on the sea. It takes them some time to realize that they are actually floating like a boat on the sea, and are not sure of the direction their landmass is taking. An architect,  Kate approaches military authorities to understand the situation and becomes the hope of this island. On the professional front, Kate tries to handle the situation but is going through emotional turmoil. After years of stable marriage one fine day her husband dumped her.

Read the book to know whether Kate will be able to find stability on the personal front? Will the floating landmass sink in the ocean or collide with another continent?

The major part of the story is written with Kate as the central character (in the third person). The book or I would say the plot has a positive outlook. One can only imagine how chaotic world will become without law and order and a capable leader. In the story, the positive side of people is highlighted. The leadership of Kate, the spirituality of father Ducan and intellectual capability of Hari are the gems in this book. Those who want to read a mixed genre book can try this. Slight technical details are included, explaining the phenomena of a floating landmass. But I feel some of it is essential to give a logical background.

I will give 4 out 5 stars to Adrift. :)

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