Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Asoka: The Buddhist Emperor of India by Vincent A Smith

Chandragupta Maurya and Ashoka, they have a good number of books dedicated to them in our historical fiction shelf. Many of them were related to Chanakya. Well as I said, they are all "Historical Fiction" which means at the end they are fiction. And most of the fictions are written as thrillers or war/strategy book, so it would show more violent and emotional side which affect readers the most. Till now I haven't read historic records or researched book on Mauryas. So when an opportunity was appeared to review "Asoka The Buddhist Emperor of India" by Vincent Smith I simply grabbed it.

Book Blurb
Asoka: The Buddhist Emperor of India is regarded as a culturally important work in the historiography
of the life and times of King Asoka. A masterpiece when it was first published, its importance
has only increased with time.
I was not aware Asoka was such a well researched and well accepted book worldwide. The book is published in multiple languages in multiple countries.

Being a historic scholar and having exposure to multiple ancient Indian sites, Vincent (the author) has dug out as many relevant information about Asoka than we can find in folklore. The author has been to various sites which were created during Asoka's time. He has studied them and presented us with the crux of his findings.

We have heard many myth about Asoka how he became king by killing his 100 brothers. What if I say there are no proof of that theory. What all Asoka did after the war of Kalinga? Read this book to know more.

The language of the book is slight academical. So is the flow to the subject and medium paced. For people who wanted to know about the great empire and its culture, this is a nice pick. People looking for story and action may stay away from the book. I know cover can misguide you by giving a different picture. And that' what we are for. 

Overall a different style & genre. Content of the book is deep.

I would give 3/5 to this book

Book can be found at Amazon
Review from other readers can be found at GoodReads


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