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Book Review - Rankshetram Part 3 - Durbhiksh & Durdhara

In India, especially in Hindi or regional languages, you will get fewer options for middle grades or YA readers based on mythological action thriller. Because sometimes it is not that much encouraged by parents. In India parents still, prefer their kids to read syllabus than literature/stories. I feel books that can encourage younger generation should reach them and if that can be done in their preferred language then it's even better.

Rankshetram series by Utkarsh is efforts in bringing a mythological world in front of readers where they can see events unfolds before them like watching a series. Utkarsh has taken the support of existing mythological plots and woven his story around it. Those who have not read the first two parts can check our review here, Part-1 & Part-2. It is recommended to read both parts before you venture into part 3.

Book Blurb
रणक्षेत्रम के पहले भाग में पाँच दिनों के महासमर और दूसरे भाग में इस महागाथा के सबसे मुख्य पात्र ‘दुर्भीक्ष’ की वापसी होने के बाद अब प्रस्तुत है रणक्षेत्रम श्रृंखला का तीसरा भाग जो दुर्भीक्ष के जीवन के सभी भेद खोलकर रख देगा| दुर्भीक्ष और दुर्धरा की प्रेम कथा, रीछराज जामवंत के साथ द्वंद्व, गरूड़ों का श्राप, त्रिगर्ता की यात्रा, और दुर्भीक्ष का एक बार फिर दुर्दांत हत्यारा बन पाँच सहस्त्र गंधर्वों की बर्बर हत्या जैसी अनेक घटनाओं को समेटे यह भाग श्रृंखला का सबसे महत्वपूर्व खण्ड होने जा रहा है| वहीं दूसरी ओर सदियों के उपरांत द्रविड़ प्रजाति अपनी मातृभूमि को वापस प्राप्त करने के लिए लौट आई है| ऐसा कौन सा असत्य था जिसने सुर्जन को फिर से दुर्दांत हत्यारा दुर्भीक्ष बना दिया? क्या रहस्य है
The story of part 3 is solely concentrated on Dubhiksh and Durdhara, as suggested in the title. Durbhiksh is shown as protagonist and antagonist both. The book has two major sections. The first part covers how Durbhiksh & Durdhara met, how in disguise of Surjan he helped Durdhara and her people. This part shows Durbhiksh's war strategy as a normal human. The second part covers how Durbhiksh join Dacoit group (handled by Meghvarna & Chandraketu) on their mission to Singhal-desh. This part covers strategies and cleverness of Meghvarna. Unlike previous parts, this book has limited plots & fights. It is written with more detailing and maturity. You will find out more about Durbhiksh as a great warrior in this part. Read the book to know more. 

As I just mentioned, apart from action, this part covers war strategies and political tactics. Where the first two parts had shown only cunningness of Rakshguru, here other characters have shown their sides. The entry of Jamvan, Garudas & Dravidian has brought new twists to the story. Two characters got the major platforms are Durbhiksh & Meghvarna. By the end of this book, I can visualize where the author is leading the story. I can sense even bigger war than shown in previous parts. Let's see how it will turn out.

Talking about improvement points
  1. The author has used limited words vocabulary. Specially words like "Zilla Utha" / "Zillaya", "Nischit Mudra"/ "Nischit Jagha". There are such repetitive words. I feel the author could have taken help, to improve it.
  2. Word "Nischit" (means certain) was provided so many times I lost the count. You will find that word after every 3-4 pages. Like, he went to a certain place, he came in a certain position. The author could have elaborated better.
  3. Found 5-6 typing mistakes especially in Kindle version. Which I think will be corrected by the time you guys will get your copy.
Overall a super-fast read, which can give you company in your short vacation.

I will give 4/5 stars to Part 3 of Rankshetram.

Book can be found at Amazon Kindle & Paperback
Review from other readers can be found at GoodReads

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