Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Ramayana: The Game of Life - Radiate Confidence by Shubha Vilas - a Book Review

I have read all parts of "Ramayana - The Game of Life" by Shubha Vilas. There is a charm in Shubha Vilas's writing. His books can be read multiple ways
1) If you ignore footnotes and chapter's summary, you have a religious read. Consider it as a compact Valmiki Ramayana in English with the proper story flow
2) If you read only chapter summaries, you have anecdotes of successful personal, professional & spiritual life.
3) If you read the whole book, you have a complete combo of learning with entertainment. Well for me 3rd is the case. And instead of just reading I try to digest it. That's why I take more time to read his books.

Radiate Confidence has covered Sundarkand, the portion where Hanumana takes center stage. It contains details of Hanumana's adventures into Lanka. As most of us know what all happens during this visit, How Hanumana met Vibhishana, How he gave assurance to Devi Sita, and how he set Lanka on fire, so I am not giving more details.  All these stories along with deep behavioral analysis of each character are covered in this book.

I have already provided general facts and marvel of Shubha Vilas, so not repeating it again. It is easy to read, learn from and apply in life. Just for information, If you are close followers of Shubha Vilas books you will find that this same the Game Of Life series was being promoted with different titles for first 3 volumes, with 4th volumes author had rebranded woke series with different title & covers. Well, I liked both concepts. Coming to the ratings nothing below 5 is justified for this book as well as series.

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