Friday, January 24, 2020

Book Review - House of Stars by Keya Ghosh

It was more than 2 months since I touched a love story. When "House of Stars" by Keya Ghosh came in front of me, I simply couldn't avoid it. I read the blurb and it reminded me old movie Andaaz (starring Anil Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor & Juhi Chawla). It has also increased my interest as the book was not a normal rom-com but a combination of action and romance.

The protagonist of our story is Kabir and Diya. Kabir had a feeling for Diya and want to express his feelings to Diya. He had poured his feeling in a letter and had decided to give Diya that letter. He followed her to a mall and about to give her a letter when a tragedy to place. A group of terrorist shoe attacks was failed, entered the mall and took people as hostages. They put forward their demand and to speed up the process they swore to kill a lone person every hour. Amid all this chaos, Kabir wanted to reach Diya to give her letter (in between both characters remembered their own secrets). Unfortunately, Kabir was selected by terrorist got next kill. Read the book to know more.

Good points
  • A fast-paced read
  • A pure Bollywood movie content
  • A good read for any age group
  • Mixed drama
  • Nice cover 
  • Different concept
Points of improvement
  • POV of both had repeated points
  • The climax could have been better
Having said that a good read for beginners and romance lovers.

I will give 3 out of 5 to the book.

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