Thursday, May 20, 2021

Five Reasons Why One Should Read - Rajinikanth a Life by Vaasanthi

Your taste needs to be special to read & enjoy biographies. Otherwise, you have to wait for special occasions it is about the character you follow or from the field of your interest. From time to time you may find some inspirational biographies which are adored by the larger group. Rajinikanth a Life by Vaasanthi is one such book. 

Rajinikanth a Life by Vaasanthi

Five of my favorite reasons why one should read this book

  1. Though the book is a biography, it is written as a story.
  2. The story of a superstar covered in this book is an inspirational one.
  3. Simple and fluid writing style makes the book the lightest read.
  4. Language usage is simple and caters larger population.
  5. The book not just covers the life of Rajnikanth sir, but the social and economical aspects of the southern states of India.

Coming to the content of the book, it started from the childhood of Shivaji a.k.a. Rajanikant sir. It shows his struggle throughout his childhood and his relationship with his brother & sister-in-law, his liking for stage, and theatrics. Then comes the portion of his life as conductor and side by side theater performances. Then comes the portion which I liked the most. It is the section explaining social, emotional factors which had helped Rajinikanth to get a fan following, even though till his entry Tamil film industry was majorly dominated by actors with a fair complexion. The author has a deep understanding of the industry and social scenarios of Tamilnadu which is prevalent in her writing. The remaining portion might be more common because that covers his life after he became a known celebrity & later superstar.

One can get much eye-opening Information not only about the film industry but about the whole culture through this book. A must-read for movie buffs. 

I can give 4.5 out of 5 stars to this information as well as an entertaining read.

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