Tuesday, May 25, 2021

DEATH IN COLABA BAY: A Colonial Bombay Mystery by Ambika Subramanian

I love Dan Brown books but haven't read one in recent times. I adore Ashwin Sanghi but have listened to his latest release instead of reading, one of the main reasons is length. You need to read almost 400-600 pages long book to enjoy a mystery thriller written for mature age reader. I have tried many short thrillers but rarely I found something as interesting as "Death In Colaba Bay: A Colonial Bombay Mystery" by Ambika Subramanian. 

DEATH IN COLABA BAY: A Colonial Bombay Mystery by Ambika Subramanian

This 140+ page books can be your best companion due to following reason

  1. It will take you to the historical era of the late 1890s.
  2. It will give you a story based on historic Bombay culture and city 
  3. Story filled with twists and turns
  4. Not a shallow crime sequences but a well-planned theme

The Sherlock Holmes of our story are Tara and Arun. Tara is a young widow who wanted to help young girls pursue education in modern schools. But recent kidnappings of young girls from school posed a huge threat. Whereas Arun found something similar in recent cases which reminded him of a few previous incidents/crimes. Things became more challenging and problematic when one of the kidnapped girls was found dead. And just like other murder mysteries race against time started ticking.

The story writing is smooth and fast-paced. You will get a good grip within 15 minutes of staring at the book and then it will become un-put-able. Languages usage is simple and can cater larger reading audience. You can read this book in 2-3 sittings. My concerns are:

  • Less importance on strong character building
  • Lesser exploration of cultural era

Overall 4 out 5 to this book.

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