Wednesday, May 5, 2021

The Oracle Of Karuthupuzha: A Novel by Manu Bhattathiri

Three reasons why I selected "The Oracle of Karuthupuzha" by Manu Bhattathiri

1. Attractive cover design.

2. Interesting plot description given in the blurb

3. Story based on the local culture of Kerala

The Oracle Of Karuthupuzha: A Novel by Manu Bhattathiri

The book presents a unique plot. The protagonist of our story is Sasaru, the girl portrayed on the cover picture, the girl in yellow with devious laughter. The story goes like this Sasaru's family was very poor, her father was a milkman, struggling to meet days end. Their life changed when Sasaru was possessed by a demon god. The personality that was possessing Sasaru was known as Chaathan in their locality. This incident brought the opportunist mindset of Nareshan (Sasaru's father) out. He wanted to take benefit of this opportunity by earning quick bucks by making goddess out of his daughter. The situation was not as simple. Things would turn out more than just opportunity. Read the book to know more.

The cover depicts the first possession of Sasaru, and just like the cover picture you will feel like you are watching the story on tv while reading the book.

This is my second read based on local Kerala village life, the first one was Cliffhanger, and just like that book, Karuthupuzha also gives a real-life picture of the local culture. The book is a journey rather than a destination. I loved the way things were described in the book. Though the book is just 300 pages long, you will feel that you have taken a long ride. The pace of the story is medium. Writing is intriguing even though a little bit slow at certain points. Choice of the word is simple, and easy English makes the book a smooth read. The book also delivers a social message. It wonderfully shows how people are ready to earn extra money in name of faith. 

An enjoyable read, deserving 4.5 out of 5.

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