Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Meet Vinita Bakshi Author of 31 Miles

Vinita is an alumnus of Delhi School of Economics, an author, and a social entrepreneur. She has founded a nonprofit organization- Aambra Foundation, with a vision towards women empowerment. She organizes, She Speaks, a triannual seminar series dealing with the issues faced by the contemporary South Asian women. She is also the Founder of AAMBROTSAVE, a cultural festival which brings to the fore literature, visual and performing arts, crafts, cuisines, weaves and traditions of India.

Vinita has a passion for literature. She writes fiction and non-fiction, bilingually. She has recently released her debut work of fiction, 31 Miles with Rupa. The book was released by Nandana Sen in JLF17. The book has been widely covered and reviewed by national and international media, senior journalists, and cinema personalities such as, writer-director Imtiaz Ali, ITV New York, Huffington Post, DD National, The Hindustan Times, The Hindu, The Pioneer, The Statesman, The Tribune, The Asian Age, The Millennium Post, The News Now, The Different Truths, Savvy and many big and small newspapers and publications. She has been a panelist at Jaipur Literature Festival, World Book Fair and Delhi Literature Festival and many prestigious forums. She has written lifestyles columns and published papers on feminism.

She will soon be publishing her debut Hindi novel, Bindu ka Dayra on a women-centric theme. She has been invited to contribute towards the soon to be launched women’s portal of Indian Express. She is currently the Director of National Institute of Jewellery (DSIIDC), a Govt. of Delhi Undertaking. 

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So Vinita can you tell us about your book 31 Miles?
31 Miles is a layered journey of a traditionalist woman Mansa. In our popular imagination, the word magic is usually associated with the lives of younger urban women who by virtue of living in a globalized and relatively more liberal South Asia, can afford to enjoy higher levels of freedom, and bend if not break convention. 
31 Miles provides a riveting and candid commentary on the dynamics of a rapidly modernizing urban Indian society and the aspirations of its members – women, men, the young and the old. As you join Mansa, I invite you to read between the lines, to discover a world seeped in tradition, mysticism, and ritual which blends, albeit not always seamlessly, with rationality and westernization.
Can you tell us about the main character of your story?
Well, main character is obviously Manasa. Her story is one of self-discovery, of the intellectual, physical and metaphysical spheres, and how their cross-section changes the life of the protagonist forever. 
Where did you get idea for 31 Miles?
I have experience working for women’s rights and empowerment, which has brought me into contact with hundreds of individuals who aspire to emancipate themselves economically and socially using channels of education, awareness and work ethic. The protagonist of 31 Miles - Mansa has been conceived as a unification of these experiences.
How was the response from readers and critics?
The book has received very good response from international journalists, senior media personalities, filmmakers and people from different domains. The book is being rated 4.3 / 5 on Amazon and 3.93 / 5 on GoodReads.
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