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Meet Sudhanshu Bisen Author of "A Thousand Times Over"

Let's meet today's first author Sudhanshu Bisen writer of "A Thousand Times Over - Never Lose Hope in True Love".

So Sudhanshu, can you tell us about your educational background?
I have done my Masters in International Journalism from Cardiff University in UK.
What were you like at school/college apart from studies?
I was a nerd, quite a studious character, probably because my mother used to teach in the same school where I studied. So, I had to be extra careful with my adventures.
What are some day jobs you have held?
I have worked as a gym instructor during my under grad days.
Do you read much and if so who are your favorite authors?
You hand me any book, and I would start reading it a second later. I read a lot.  Indian authors have always inspired me as I feel their stories are more relatable. But I read across all genres. Novoneel Chakraborty, Amish Tripathi, Salman Rushdie and John Green are some of my favourite authors.
When did you start writing?
Being a sports journalist by profession, my job compelled me to write on a daily basis. So, you can say that I started writing when I was 19 years old.
When did you decide to become a writer?
A have been interested in writing, because of which I chose to be a journalist in print media. However, the kind of featurish writing I was interested in, the newsy world did not provide me enough scope to explore myself. I am an avid reader too. Novels also fascinate me. I thought if I can write news on a daily basis, why not give novel writing a try.
What are your ambitions for your writing career?
I want my writing to have a positive impact on people’s life. I want to weave stories that leave an indelible mark on the mind of the readers.
Do you have a special time to write, or how is your day structured to accommodate your writing?
I am not a 4000 word per day sort of a writer. I take my time as per the story demands. Some days I end up writing only 800 words, on others I may write more than 5000 words. I do not write loose stuffs and come back to it to deck it up. I take my own sweet time in ensuring that my first draft is as good as it can get. But then, the first draft is always shabby when you do a re-read. I also do not give break while I am involved in a story. I completed ‘A Thousand Times Over’ in less than 18 days.
What genre are your books?
I mostly want to write romantic thrillers. I believe that is my forte.

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Can you describe your current book in few lines? What’s it about?
The book depicts power of love. There are many who promise to love the love of their life forever. But there are only a few who live up to that promise. Nishith Singh, a seventeen-year-old, has shared everything with the virtual world—from the pain of losing his father and being blamed for it to falling in love at first sight and being rejected. But nonetheless, he hasn’t given up on his love. When Aahana Basu, a quintessential wife and a loving mother, comes across his blog, she is drawn deeply into his world, much to her own surprise. But when she wakes up to the sudden absence of the recurring dream the next morning, a dream she sees almost every night, and which ends at the very same point, she is left nonplussed. As Aahana finds herself falling for Nishith, she realizes there’s much more to things than she sees. Overall, it is a spine-chilling tale of selfless love.
Give us an insight into your main characters.
Nishith Singh is a seventeen-year-old who is fighting the vagaries of life. He falls in love at first sight and gets rejected. But nonetheless, he hasn’t given up on his love. Aahana Basu is a quintessential wife and a loving mother, who has had her share of troubles as well. The story revolves around these two people.
Where did you get idea for this book?
I always had this sort of story of relentless love in my mind. It is purely fictional but depicts the power of hope in love. When you will read the story, you would realise how someone has never seen love in this manner. I always believe love is downplayed in this day and age and I hope this story would make you fall in love, with love.
How much research did you do for this book?
I don’t tuck away my stories in a drawer. I share it, with the world. I wear my emotions up my sleeves and have no shame in doing that. Whatever I feel is a potential story, I share it via blogs, quotes or other mediums. And I hope it remains this way.
What was the most difficult thing about writing your latest book?
There was nothing hard about writing bit except for the patience that one has to have while writing it. And even after writing, to wait for the right publisher for novel, you need to have patience.
Do you have a trailer or do you intend to create one for your own book?

What are you working on at the minute?
I am in process of writing my second novel. It is again a romantic thriller.
What are your thoughts on writing a book series?
It is my dream to write a book series. I am a fan of authors who write series. It is such a trait to have!
What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
I just would advise the aspiring authors to bleed, just bleed all over the laptop. Write, write the dirtiest draft of your story but do write. Everything else takes care itself. While publishing, the most important thing patience. Believe in your manuscript and wait for the right publisher. I was lucky to have been selected by Fingerprint Publishers, one of the best in the business. And I managed to do it because I had the patience. You have to be pro-active while marketing your books as well.
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