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"There are no Gods in North Korea" says Anjaly Passionate Traveller

Let's meet a lawyer by education and traveller by passion, the author of "There are no Gods in North Korea" Anjaly Thomas.

So Anjaly, can you tell us how was your childhood? Were you as energetic as you are right now as a traveller?
At school I am told I was quite a terror – in the sense, I refused to do homework and insisted on being outdoors all the time! Strangely I was good at studies despite never paying attention in class.
What are some day jobs you have held? 
I have worked with the new Indian Express in Bangalore before moving to Dubai and working with newspapers and magazines here.
With travelling and writing, were you able to dedicate time for reading? 
Oh yes, I still read, but I admit, not as much as I used to earlier. I suppose that is because I use the time to write and as you grow older a lot many things take your time and attention – My favourite authors still continue to be Agatha Christie, Hemingway, Jeffrey Archer, Alistair McLean, Fredrick Forsyth, Jane Austen – but I also read the newer books by random authors as well. But I still love the older generation of writers.

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When did you start writing? 
My first ever published article would be on my college wall magazine! You won’t believe it, but I used to be shy as a kid – so shy that I wouldn’t show my writing to anyone! I’d of course participate (and win) story writing and essay contests, but showing off poems and stories I wrote as a passion - never!
When did you decide to become a writer? 
You know, no one really decides to “become a writer.” You either have it in you or you don’t. If you have it in you then sooner or later things work around in a way that you turn your attention to writing and that becomes your priority. Because writing is not an instant decision and a book is not the result of a finger- snap – it takes patience, time, effort, focus and is a lot of investment in knowledge and self-development. To be a writer, you must first become knowledgeable – else, what are you going to write if you know nothing or have experienced nothing? It would be very silly if someone said “today I decide to become a writer” – to be one is a process and everything that happens in your life adds to it.
What are your ambitions for your writing career? 
I write because I love to. I am not the kind of writer that lets “ambition” piggy-ride my passion. I will never let my passion become my ambition because if I let that ever happen, I would have lost the freedom to write what I love.
Do you have a special time to write, or how is your day structured to accommodate your writing? 
No. no such thing. I write when I have the urge to, which fortunately is often. When I find myself experiencing the “writers block” I force myself to write, even incoherent words. Writing like I said is not easy – one has to train the mind to write.
Can you tell us about the books you have written so far?
I have written FIVE books so far, this includes two commissioned TRAVEL BOOKS. However, my first novel or travelography was ALMOST INTREPID and now THERE ARE NO GODS IN NORTH KOREA. Both these books are my experiences and stories from my solo travels around the world. There was a self published book of poems – I am not particularly proud of that, but there it is!
What genre are your books? 
Travel. I am a traveller and I have plenty of stories to tell – real life stories that one cannot dream up in an armchair.
Can you describe your current book in few lines? What’s it about? 
THERE ARE NO GODS IN NORTH KOREA is a book based on my experiences of traveling in NORTH KOREA. It does not tell you what you want to hear – it tells you my reactions and feelings to situations I encountered there. I write real stories of my travels and experiences on the road. That doesn’t require any research!
Who is your favorite character in your book and why? 
I am my favourite character!!!! I am kidding, of course – my favorite characters are those people I have met and interacted with in different parts of the world who have enriched my life and experiences.
Do you have a trailer or do you intend to create one for your own book?

Release date
Book was launched on May 6, 2016.

What are you working on at the minute? 
A new book, but I am going to keep that a secret. It’s NOT travel book in the strict sense. 
What advice would you give to aspiring writers? 
This is my favourite bit – there is only one thing to say – to be a writer, you must WRITE. No matter how many advices you seek or get, you won’t get far if you don’t actually write anything. Write consistently and coherently if you intend for others to read it.
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