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A Must Read Historical Fiction - The Peshwa - War of the Deceivers

You call it timing or coincidence but my review of "The Peshwa: The Lion and the Stallion" helped me capture this wonderful piece of literature. After reading 1st part if you were delighted then this part will give you feelings of Enchanted. If you have given less than 5 stars to the 1st part then this will be a sure-shot 5 star. And those who have given 5 stars to part one (likes of me) have to think about what next. The best part about or I would say the most attractive part of the book should be the cover & Ram has done it consecutively second time by coming with awesome cover art. Even if I haven't got the book as an honest review copy I would have acquired it.

Book Blurb
Seven years have passed since Peshwa Bajirao Bhat annihilated the Nizam’s armies at Fort Mandu. The two forces have been engaged in attacks and skirmishes ever since. Acting on the advice of his right-hand man, the mysterious Anaamik Dabhade, the Peshwa now sets about laying a trap to truly ensnare the Mughals, and break their might.

The Empire, of course, has methods of its own. And Nizam Ul Mulk is itching for an opportunity to exact revenge of the formidable Bajirao. With assassins, saboteurs and criminals infiltrating the Maratha lands, the Mughal Empire scores as many victories in the night as the Peshwa does during the day. 
Meanwhile, in the far reaches of the country, set ablaze by the never-ending conflict between these major powers, a Sikh warlord, a Rajput king and a Bundela princess find themselves increasingly tangled up in the endgame that will determine the very course of history. It is a battle of wits and skill, and the greatest deceiver of them all will prevail.
The story continues 7 years later from the point where Bajirao defeated Nizam. By that time Bajirao had proved his mettle. He had expanded Maratha borders way broader than his father. His strategies and war tactics had made him invincible in the last 7 years. His way of living life of a normal soldier among his army made him favorable in eyes of soldiers. They gave him the name - Ballal. He had strategically shifted his base to Pune (to the army base of Maratha) which had provided him autonomy and stronghold over the army. But that was just visible happiness in his life and confederation, the scorpions had started tactics of terrorism within Maratha. Many allies of Maratha were found dead in accidents, fire, riots etc. Peshwa knew the group responsible for the same, but he could not curb them from the darkness. Coming to romance part, this volume contains the love story of Rao and Mastani. How princess of Bundelkhand entered into life of Rao and how they fell for each other. The story covers how Rao a brahmin married a Muslim girl and fought against all odds. There are more than 10 threads of stories I have just mentioned 3-4. Don't forget the old foe, Nizam. He was not sitting idle as well. He was planning something sinister.

There are 5 reasons I would call this book a masterpiece.
  • Characters - The way characters unfolded, you can visualize their traits and behavior. For me, the main characters that will make you dive deeper are Bajirao, Mastani, Nizam.
  • The story built up - The way plot was written, you can compare or see it as a movie scene.
  • Sure shot page turner - You won't feel bored or to leave the book in between.
  • Strategies & Tactics - The Bajirao-Mastani movie had romance part only, but above love, Rao's loyalty to Sword & War was discussed in this book. The reason why his tactics are part of many of the countries army training can be found in this book.
  • Philosophy & explanation - Ram has taken considerable efforts in explaining the philosophical impact of various events in history.
In short, if you found part one good, this one is far better. If you didn't like part one, still I insist you should give this part a try. It will change your opinion about the series. 

  1. Cover - 5/5
  2. Character - 5/5
  3. Content - 4.5/5
  4. Overall - 5/5

The book can be found at Amazon and Flipkart
Reviews from other readers can be found at GoodReads


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