Friday, November 2, 2018

Guest Post - Poems by Devika Das

I Am Free

I run my own race, to improve each day,
become a better human and let life play its game
Different roles come alive each moment,
few are good while few bad
Accept experience of each kind in equal breadth
That's why I guess I am free.

I need not be better than others
but in my own eyes I should grow.
Strive to live better and happier today
Worrying less about past or future.
Living each moment to the fullest
Maybe that's why I am free.

What life holds for me, I do not know
My strength is to accept its natural flow.
Barring apprehensions/assumptions of any kind
Being less harsh on myself and control my mind.
Maybe that's why I am free.

I am a lone explorer,
People around just trespassers.
Time flies like quick sand
Its precious value i totally understand.
Yes, that's why I am free.


Running the rat race, I always wondered
How time passed like quick sand. 
Hourly conversations with good pals, 
Confined to SMSes and forwards.

Greeting people on social occasions, 
has become a rarity now.
People's memories have begun to fade
even before they get salt peppery hair..

What legacy do we leave behind?
Where man-machine is hyped, and real relationships defied.
People anxious for virtual appreciation,real comments shunned as interference.
Don't ask me about patience or tolerance; new gen sees them as trivial.
Screen time is most cherished, off screen leaves one idle and bored.
Now or Never, the chants echo around us, but the path to Now is rarely tread. 
Erstwhile luxury has become the new basic need
Mercy and empathy are possessions of the weak. 

Are we really progressing?  

The content of this post is contributed by Devika Das author of "The Mind Game".
Her latest book can be found at Amazon and Flipkart


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