Friday, November 23, 2018

Book Review - In Pursuit of a Family by Shilpa Menon

This is my second read from Shilpa Menon. She has got a unique trait. She touches less discussed topics and makes a story around it. In her first book "Scars Do Heal" she has taken rape victim as a protagonist, who was scared of men & relationship. A wonderful guy made her head her wounds and marry her. I was thoroughly impressed by the story and the author's approach to writing it. So it was obvious when I was given choice of reviewing "In Pursuit of a Family", I said yes immediately.

Book Blurb
Zsofia Lakatos was orphaned early in life. Hardships forged her into becoming strong and independent. With her wit and determination she fulfilled her dream of becoming a fine architect. She never allowed anyone to break down the fences she had created around herself.
Until meeting Kevin.
Kevin Percy had everything going well in his life – a loving family and living his dream of running a successful architecture firm in London.
Kevin’s first meeting with Zsofia leaves him intrigued. He hatches a plan to bring her closer to him by offering her a job at his firm.
Will the two be able to resist their attraction to each other? Will their differences be too big to overcome? Will Kevin’s past hurt their plans? Will Zsofia finally be able to dream of having a family of her own?
In this book, the author has created an orphan's story. Zsofia is our protagonist, who had lost her parents at age of four. By age of 24, she had been through a hell lot of hardship mostly alone. The harsh reality of society & survival made her extreme introvert, the only friend she had got was Martha (Mimi). Our story started when Mimi fell sick during Christmas and asked Zsofia to fill in for her place. Zsofia had obliged and had broken her 6-7 years old tradition of hibernation. But that brought a wonderful twist in her life. Kevin Percy (younger brother of Ryan - first part's hero) & his partner had organized a Christmas party for their company, where Zsofia filled in for Mimi's place. Spark of love, at first sight, ignited in Zsofia & Kevin when they saw each other. But the entry of Kevin's ex-girlfriend made some errands. Kevin handled mess later on for Zsofia, but he was not able to get more information than her name. The spark of love made him dig more for Zsofia so he hired a private detective. The story shifted 3 months later when Zsofia suddenly got an internship in Kevin's firm and due to unavoidable circumstances Zsofia had to move into Kevin's home. Romantic turns started taking place as they both started knowing each other good & bad sides. But the darkness in both of their past may affect their relationship. Read the book to know more.

The romantic moments between couple make you remind your courtship period (if you have been through) or gives you butterfly (if you are single). The love story written by Shilpa would be always sweet and fairy-like, you will keep smiling and feel to go back to book again and again.

Shilpa has mastery over the flow. The pace of the book is so smooth that you won't feel you have just read around 290 pages long book in one go. The book is written in the first person/character from Kevin and Zsofia point of view. Each chapter is spread alternatively from Kevin & Zsofia as the first person.  Coming to characterization, the majority of supporting characters are from first part which was awesome then and awesome now. I think the independent character of Zsofia & caring character of Kevin would be the star of the book. Use of language is simple and even 14+ can read it with great ease. Line spacing and character size are apt for a better reading experience.

Overall a wonderful romantic read. Ratings
  1. Cover - 3.5/5 (I feel need a strong cover)
  2. Concept - 4.5/5
  3. Character - 4/5
  4. Overall - 4/5
Book can be found at - Amazon & Flipkart
Review from other readers can be found at GoodReads


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