Friday, November 16, 2018

Book Review - The Alpha Yeti by Sum

I was not confident when I selected "The Alpha Yeti" by Sum. As the author has used a pen name and I was not able to get any information about him/her. But I had faith in the selection of WritersMelon. And then SciFi Keeda gave me encouragement to go for the book

Book blurb
Every tribal land has its own tribulations and the Kasis were way beyond any hope or help, for what they were undergoing was terrifyingly unspeakable. It wasnt any myth or taboo. This one was true. The One God was as real as the White Giants. But, all the suffering and trepidation came from the impossibly aggressive Grey Giants. They were a deformity: a fallen imprecation on the Kasis. Somehow, a sensible Bhirendi, the elderly last of the Kasis, addresses the tragedy and rushes his people into the underground chambers of Ravaial before they are forced to face the wrath of the monstrosities that lately have begun to roll down from the White Mountain. With the situation only getting worse by the moment, the tribes hire a pack of ace hunters from the West. But, one of them freaks out and abducts the daughter of an estranged but once-upon-a-time famous hunter to only earn his ire. The hunters are drawn together into a strangely unwelcome land of doom with their fates sealed under the White Mountain. They soon realise that time is all they have left in the entire world when the Grey Giants begin their vicious play. SUM brings to you, The Alpha Yeti!

In mountain range of Nirmalaya, four Mountaineers made the blunder by not just trespassing but harassing tribe of Yeti. The mischief of four didn't just cost their life but people of Nirmalaya as well.  In Nirmalaya,  there were many folklores about white monsters,  but events, after disaster made them, realized that something sinister had awakened. They contacted a group of elite hunters to kill this monster.  Would these professionals be able to tackle it? Read more to know about the story. 

Alpha Yeti is a perfect combo of Horror,  Action,  Adventure & Thriller. Especially I was not expecting the horror part, which surprised me multiple times. I remembered reading it in the night when one or two such scenes came and I got scared for a moment. Coming to writing style,  it was a straight narration style and simple language usage. I agree many characters were added in this short book which could have been avoided. The best part was the way scenes were portrayed which makes reader visualize them. The author had promptly used controversy theories around Yeti.  

Overall a nice light read.  I feel that Indian audience needs such light multiple genre books. It could be a good companion on trips. 

Talking about Ratings
  1. Cover - 4/5
  2. Concept - 4/5
  3. Characters - 3/5v
  4. Oerall - 3.5/5
Book can be found at - Amazon
Review from other readers can be found at GoodReads

We would like to thank WritersMelon for providing us the review copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.


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