Thursday, March 14, 2019

Book Review - Evolution: Decoding India’s Disruptive Tech Story by Kiran Karnik

Hardbound edition, leader-expert of the domain and title "Evolution: Decoding India’s Disruptive Tech Story" these three things captured my attention when I first saw this book by Kiran Karnik. The book promised to give the story of Evolution of technology in India. Being a post graduate of management, such books always give a kick to my enthusiasm. So I decided to pick it up. Though due to busy schedule we are almost 2 months late to post the review, they say "Better late than never". And you won't believe, when we selected this book there were no reviews. And today when we are posting our review we still don't see any substantial review. That doesn't mean the book is not good enough, I would say readers of this genre are not kind enough to leave a review.

Book Blurb
Will robots rule? Will commuting to the moon for work be routine? Are bionic beings and immortality inevitable?

Evolution addresses these issues as it traces the recent evolution of technology and its impact on daily life, on society and on countries. It looks at how rapidly-advancing technology has affected day-to-day living in areas like health, education, finance and governance. It also elaborates the emerging challenges triggered by technology: cyber security, surveillance, climate change and nuclear war.
Using his wisdom, knowledge and experience in areas ranging from space and atomic energy to information technology, Kiran Karnik generates discussion, spurs dissenting views and triggers further analysis—all originating from different perspectives, thereby helping the country to not only cope with the emerging future, but also to try shape it to the benefit of all.
Rich in its detail and insight, Evolution will take you from nostalgia to an imagined future, narrated through personal anecdotes and experiences.
Kiran Karnik is a legend, who has served in a leadership position in many flagship initiations of government. He has worked at many places as part of the change leader of Indian technological front. So I think there won't be a better person to discuss how technological evolution has changed our day-to-day lives along with our ecosystem.

The author has divided his life's observations (technological) into 8-10 segments. Each segment dedicated to a bigger domain. These domains are policies & governance, logistics, banking & finance, digitalization, globalization, knowledge. Each of them has made our life each (not at all places, we have also paid the cost of that easiness)

Our observations about the book
  • Not just plain narration.
  • Every page (at some places paragraphs) covers empale to visualize author's point
  • Simple language and easy to follow pace
  • Full informative content
  • Food for thought
  • Light in content - 180 pages
  • Awesome cover design
A must pick up for corporate gues. A nice choice for corporate level gift or memento,

I will give 4 out of 5 to the book.

Book can be found at - Amazon & Flipkart
Review from other readers can be found at GoodReads


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