Friday, March 22, 2019

Book Review - Ghoomophiro - Travel Bringing Families Together by Himadri Garg

I have read fiction based on trekking, road trips, mountaineering. But a traveling-fiction was my first-time experience. There are three major reasons for selecting this book.
  1. Traveling fiction - Something new. We have not tried it yet.
  2. Writer - Himadri Garg is the sister of Prachi Garg. We have already read Super Women series by Prachi and we loved it. So we had high hopes from Himadri.
  3. The domain of writer - Those who are not aware of sisters. They run a travel venture with same name Ghoomophiro. So they must have ample of wonderful memories to relate and make a story around it.

Book Blurb
"Full of photographs, souvenirs and trinkets from around the world, the Kumar house was nothing short of a mini-museum of the flavours from the world. There were preserve-me glow balls from places that no longer existed- like the great barrier reef or the Hawaiian Islands, along with memory-cubes, that contained snap-shot holograms of places that the residents had been to and wanted to revisit virtually anytime they wanted. Happy photographs of family members, still framed, instead of the now common digital screen-shots that kept changing as per calendar events, awards and certificates for varied accomplishments, both professional and personal and signs of a well-read occupant were all visible. The house, to say the least, had character and spoke for itself, even though, ironically, most of its members did not as much.

Ghoomophiro is the story of two sisters Nitika and Kritika and their exciting much-awaited trip with their family. Both of them are travelers and during this trip, family discusses everything about their travel tales.
With its vivid descriptions, uplifting adventures, Ghoomophiro is a journey that everyone can live with and can relate to and can inspire anyone to pack the bags to explore."
Coming to the story part, it revolves around a promise or a trend set by two sisters, Nitika and Kritika. They have decided to go on traveling every year without fail and they have followed this tradition for 25 years. But this year they have decided to do it with the whole family. The family trip has made the story more interesting, as each character brings a new & fresh perspective. Read the book to know more.

As I have already mentioned Himadri & Prachi have traveled a lot. They have been to different places, which can be seen while reading Nitika and Kritika's experience of 25 places they visited during their 25 years of trips. It required a lot of research and first-hand experience of traveling, places, people to write a perfect travel-book. The debut efforts of Himadri is really commendable. The only issue I found was mix and match of fiction, travelogue and documentary style. It could have been better.

I would give 3.5/5 to efforts of Himadri.

Book can be found at - Amazon & Flipkart
Review from other readers can be found at GoodReads


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