Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Natural Solutions for Cancer by Sudhir Ahluwalia

"Natural Solutions for Cancer" is our fourth book by Sudhir Ahluwalia. His books are semi academical and semi non-fictional. All of his books carry awesome informative along with the necessary botanical background. His reach to his readers is also good, he has always acknowledged our reviews and questions related to his books in the past. So it was obvious that we would be checking his latest book.

Book Blurb
The failure of modern medicine to find a satisfactory and cost-effective solution to cancer has led many patients turn to complementary alternative medicine for relief. Patients and caregivers both need to get a balanced, scientific evidence-based view of the various nature-based solutions on offer. The book is divided into two parts: fundamental principles and herbs used in treating cancer. 
Unlike Sudhir's previous books, which usually start with herb history and spice route/trade, this book is well planned. The author has taken the first chapter to explain to readers how content is designed and divided. Sudhir has covered 3 major natural/herbal trends in this book, Ayurveda, Tibetan Medicin, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Based on these three major methodologies author has divided book in 4 parts. In the first part, he has properly explained each method's fundamental principles. This part helps to understand how these methodologies work in a holistic manner. The second section of the book (which covers 40% portion) is about actual herb's and their usage. The 3rd part covers various Yoga techniques that one can use to stay healthy physically & mentally. The last part is the most serious one, it is a bibliography section, where botanical part of herbs was discussed.

My observation about the book
  1. Easy to follow language usage
  2. A wonderful compilation of Ayurveda, TCM and Tibetan medicine
  3. Got to know many things to prevent or avoid cancer-related issues
  4. More informative less academic (reverse to Sudhir's previous book)
  5. Few chapters seem too generic. More information could have been given to increase the value proposition to readers
  6. My most favorite section was the 3rd one, where each Yoga-Asana was provided with illustration, technique, and word of caution
Overall a recommended serious read to know about alternate (natural) ways to help cancer patients.

I would give 4/5 stars to efforts of the author.

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