Saturday, March 16, 2019

Life's Amazing Secrets by Gaur Gopal Das - Book Review

It was a Saturday evening around 5:55 PM, my daily office closing time, when my mobile pinged. That mobile notification brought mail with two great news for us.
  1. We got mail from Pengium India to offer us a chance to review a book
  2. The book was none other than Gaur Gopal Das, who's videos are being viral every now and then, referred by many of my friends on social media.
So it was obvious that we were not gonna say no to such a golden opportunity.

Book Blurb
While navigating their way through Mumbai's horrendous traffic, Gaur Gopal Das and his wealthy young friend Harry get talking, delving into concepts ranging from the human condition to finding one's purpose in life and the key to lasting happiness. Whether you are looking at strengthening your relationships, discovering your true potential, understanding how to do well at work or even how you can give back to the world, Gaur Gopal Das takes us on an unforgettable journey with his precious insights on these areas of life. Das is one of the most popular and sought-after monks and life coaches in the world, having shared his wisdom with millions. His debut book, Life's Amazing Secrets, distils his experiences and lessons about life into a light-hearted, thought-provoking book that will help you align yourself with the life you want to live.
Though we had said yes, we were a little bit tensed as the book belonged to a spiritual/mental self-help genre, which I personally not prefer. But I was proved wrong just like his videos. Gaur Gopal Das has used a unique concept. He has narrated his incident from his personal experience. The story started with Gaur Gopal's visit to an elite (super rich) couple's house. Harry (husband) went to drop Gaur Gopal after lunch. They stuck in traffic during the trip, at that time Harry confessed his situation to Gaur Gopal, that was when the story started. From there started a series of serious thoughts bundled with amazing short stories or narrations that one can correlate. Gaur Gopal has wonderfully used the object in which they were traveling to explain things. The content was divided into 4 sections, just like 4 tyres of a car, which according to Gaur Gopal Das makes our life easy and satisfied. These 4 tyres are
  1. Personal life
  2. Relationship
  3. Worklife
  4. Social contributions
Even if one tyre gets punctured one cannot drive safely or survive the good drive. Our life depends upon the balance of these tyres. With each section, Harry's doubts were resolved by Gaur Gopal by proper reasoning and spirituality.

Good points
  • Easy to follow language and medium pace
  • A wonderful amalgamation of self-help and short stories
  • Applicable to each and every person, especially in India where people judge first and act later
  • Question provided at end of each chapter which can help to learn yourself and align yourself with the logic
A sure shot must read for anyone and any age group. I must be the lucky one to get a chance to review such a book.

No need for separate rating 5/5 to the book.

Book can be found at - Amazon & Flipkart
Review from other readers can be found at GoodReads


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