Monday, February 17, 2020

A Mythological Startup Fiction - Startup Secrets From The Ramayana by Prachi Garg

The last book of Prachi Garg "the legend of the startup guy" left me amazed. She brought a completely new approach in retelling Lord Ganesha's story concerning startups. And I think with success of that style the author is back with another retelling. This time we have Ramayana with the context of a startup. 

The story starts with Ram's consultancy company closed down due to his over-trusting and lenient nature. He ended up signing a deal with Kartikeyi and got huge liabilities on the company. In dire times he sat with his brother Lakshman and wife Sita to brainstorm where they went wrong. It was then Lakshmana and Sita told Ram many of his follies. They explained to him how his nature of not keeping business and personal relations separate had cost him his firm. They also understood their weakness in handling a professional firm with focused efforts. From these learning, they determined to come back with a focused business plan. They decided to move out of their territory of Ayodhya and gave a fresh start. What would be their strategy? How will they give a fight to the mighty business empire of and it's successful tycoon Ravana? Read the book to know more.

As I said earlier, it is a completely new way of retelling which gives you entertainment of mythology with learning in Startups. It includes hundreds of things to learn which can save your boat. And the book is not just for an entrepreneurial enthusiast but even for professionals. Many things are covered to enlighten us. Prachi had used simple language so that English beginners can read it. She has avoided using marketing jargon and has stayed with layman's terms.

A nice read. I will give 4 out of 5 stars to this book.

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