Thursday, February 6, 2020

Kurukshetra: The Aryavarta Chronicles Book 3 by Krishna Udayasankar - a book review

Due to the high number of review requests we receive every month, we rarely get a chance to read one book twice. Even in such times, Govinda was one of the books which got a place in a twice-read shelf. Frankly speaking, I had lost hope of reading further books in Aryavarta Chronicles as it was discontinued. But re-launch of the same by Penguin publishers has given me hope. I quickly re-read the first part (latest edition) and grabbed the 3rd part. I will come back to the second part as and when I get my hands on the same.

Aryavarta Chronicles is a retelling of the epic Mahabharata where author Krishna Udayasankaran has brought the concept of Firewright & Firstborn. In the first part, we came to know the hidden agenda of Govinda Shauri behind the destruction of Firewright guilds throughout India even though he being Firewright, but in the climax of the first part, he was asked to stay out of Bharatvarsha by Queen Draupadi. I am not sure what exactly happened in the second part, but the third was more concentrated on the Kurukshetra war (I know it is obvious from the title) what I actually mean was the alliance, peace proposals, war preparation & actual war and revelation of Govinda's true motive.

I don't want to reveal plot so let me take you through my observations
1) This story portrays Suyodhana as a righteous and capable ruler. The weakness of his character was his priorities when it comes to decision making. While Yudhisthira is shown as an arrogant ruler but his capability of taking a stand was faster
2) I have read many versions of Mahabharata, but none of them has shown Yudhisthira like Krishna. In Aryavarta Chronicles Yudhisthira was the most confused, meanest, self-proclaimed righteous, arrogant character.
3) Shikhandin is not shown as eunuch instead shown as an able warrior, a shrewd strategist and a loyal friend
4) The action and morality are clubbed and can be seen hand in hand at places.
5) I have read the Kali series by Anand Neelkathan, so I found many similarities between both series.
6) In all the books I have read, Karna was always shown with more of a better person than wrongdoers. But here things are different.
7) Lengthy description and discussion among characters in cryptic morality have increased my reading time. It could have been simpler but I think then I would not be Krishna's work.

My advice - if you are an open-minded person then only take this book. Else you may not enjoy it.

I will give 4.5 out of 5 to this masterpiece.

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