Friday, February 28, 2020

No Limits by Mukesh Bansal- A Book Review

Black background, infinity symbol & subtitle "art & science of high performance", these three things were captured by my bookish mind when I first saw the cover on the WritersMelon site. Initially, I was unimpressed, maybe cover was giving me a feeling of an academic look to the book, but I am a staunch believer of "never judge a book based on its cover". So I searched about Mukesh Bansal, and that's when I came to know he is the guy behind two famous brands Myntra & CureFit. So my perception of an academic book was changed to an inspirational one. I applied for the book and luckily I got a chance to review it. I know I took around 15-17 days to bring the review but the length and depth of the book expect dedication from its reader.

I will the book is no less than a jackpot for me. The velvety black cover and inspiring childhood sorry of Mukesh became instrumental for me to keep this book on the priority that other currently-reading shelf.

The best part of the book is the content design. The book is divided into four segments. Just like a practical teacher, Mukesh has covered his journey from childhood to the latest addition to his portfolio CureFit. This part his inspiring and exemplary in many ways. From that segment, Mukesh took readers through the fundamentals & technicalities of talent, smart/hard work, habits, physical & mental health. Once the reader is properly informed, Mukesh took them a tide of practical examples and showed how the topics explained in the book can be taken in practical use. Read the book to know more.

The book is written for everyone. Its simple language & easy explanation can increase readers' curiosity for more. Ample examples & anecdotes support terminologies & topics covered in the book. There are many incidents in the book which you can relate to your life or the people around you. The balance between theories & practicality has been maintained wonderfully. Overall a wonderful read.

The book deserves 5 out of 5 for the awesomeness of its coverage.

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