Thursday, February 6, 2020

Thank God I'm Fired by Sandeep Pawar - Book Review

Go and ask any IT guys what is the toughest part of their job switch period? Well, it is the notice period. That deliberately kept (mostly) non-productive time of their life, which can be used better way, was usually wasted in make documentations, following exit process and sitting ideal as new assignments are not existent. I had served 3 full notice in my life (approximately 6 months of my life). Many guys lose a chance to win extra bucks (joining bonuses & incentives) as they cannot do it without paying penalties in the current job.

Few lucky guys get an offer and the company asks them to leave immediately with full pay. Such lucky guys even get joining bonus from the next company. Well, such cases are rare 1 in 100 resignees (I assume).

The story of "Thank God I'm Fired" is there story of one such lucky guy. The protagonist of the story is Raghav, a software professional with a non-circuit branch. He found himself a misfit in his IT job. He got fired a minute before he could send his resignation. Do read the book to know why he wanted to resign.

The feeling of nostalgia didn't leave me while reading the book. Those noisy cafeterias, tea shop outside offices, long hours in cubical and boring full house meetings, the list is endless. It reminded me of those guys who keep finding startup ideas which he never is going to try for himself. I like motivational lines used in stories at various places. The way Raghav found out his passion and his dedication to giving it a try.

It is a short read with a fast-paced narrative. You may finish this little guy in 1-2 hours.

3.5 for a refreshing read.

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