Thursday, February 20, 2020

Book review - Road to Absolution by Karan Pillai

We are back with another book review, a poetry book called "Road to Absolution". Poetry books are my breaks in my onslaught of fictional reads. I take it from time to time to keep myself attached to other genres. This time I took 2 poetry books back to back. The first one was Bleak Hope and now this one. 

Book blurb
Don't we all crave for those moments when we could break free from feelings that hold us back or bring us down? In moments like those, all we need perhaps is someone or something that could show us the way.
"Road to Absolution" is written with simplicity. Poems are written as straightforward as lines coming out of a person. The poet has avoided using complex word phrasings. I feel if you can convey your message with simplicity there is no need to confused your readers. The subjects covered in poems are human relations, emotions, and desire. And I would say poems are on proper theme, earlier poem books I read were a compilation of multiple subjects, wherein here I found direction. I am not sure whether to call it a theme poem or title poem, absolution is one of the top three best poems I liked in the book.

I would say if you want to start reading poems then you can start with this. It will not bore you down but encourage you to take more books in the future. Those who don't fancy poems can also easily read it. Having said that regulars can also relish these poems. Take your diary, you may need to write down a few for future quotes. A recommended read. A short read which you can take during your travel, but I suggest you take it where you can find peaceful/calm environment so that you can digest and understand the poem's message.

I would rate 3.75 out of 5 to this book. 

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