Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Book Review - A Trickster's Guide to Happy Living by Simran Bhui

I had decided to take as many self-help as possible in February. I think I finished 4 in 29b days off February. The first one was "Work Hard-ly". "A Trickster's Guide to be Happy" was part of the combo I got in January. And I would like to tell my blog readers that 2 more self-help will follow in the next 2 weeks. After reading Work Hard-ly I was confused about which book to take next, that is when I checked the first 2 chapters of the Trickster's and that's it I kept going. I took out my kid's compass box and started working on exercises given in the book.

You can consider this book as a teacher or guide. And consider it's content as a workshop. If you are not in a hurry make a schedule for the next 10 weeks. You may dedicate as low as just 30 mins for it. During those 30 mins, you can read topics and work on the exercise given in the book. Various aspects of Humana character, emotion and phycology are covered in the book. Topics like Fear, Judgement, The Inner Critic, Emotions, Confidence, Creativity to name a few are present for readers. If you follow the book like a course and maintain daily regime as per the guidance of the author you will actually feel an increase in your happiness quotient. 

Good points about the book
1) Easy and understandable delivery of the subject
2) Easy language usage, and written for all age group reader
3) No boring theories but full of fun-loving exercise
4) Ample space is given for your work
5) let you ponder upon your life and thoughts
6) Attractive cover and title

Recommended read. I will give 4.5 it off 5 to the book.

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